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Crochet Garments

Many people can sing, others can dance, few can draw or even sketch with some unable to express themselves accurately. So many people are in the process of discovering themselves with a few already on the path of fulfilling their dreams. When I was much younger, I asked myself where do I fit in this whole picture? Do I have any unique gifts and abilities? Am I able to express myself in any other ways apart from writing or speaking? Do I have any ability to convey my message accurately without saying a word?

I am Susanna, my craft is Crocheting and it has been my Happy Place. Rediscovering myself was a great thing which came with the pregnancy of my son about 4 years ago. I was Jobless and lonely at home and needed something to pass the time. This made me pick up my hooks and yarn and the rest is history. Since picking up my Hooks, it has made me happier than I can express.

I had answers to my questions on what my unique ability is, I was able to express myself without saying a word. Yarn and Hook became my ingredients to a new world with limitless possibilities. My Main focus is designing bespoke crochet patterns, the process starts from my imagination which proceeds to a rough sketch and then from a swatch to the crocheting the finished piece.

Even though this sounds better when typing it has been a process that has different emotions attached but through each steps, I feel super excited to see the finished Designs. My craft has thought me Patience, perseverance and this has affected the way I see life.

With my yarn, I have been able to create and recreate my feelings, mold my thoughts and reshape my surroundings. With the recent Pandemics and Lock down, My story was reshaped from Loneliness to being surrounded with lots of ‘Crafters’ because we speak same language which is Craft. I organized a Crochet Along to help others shift their attention from the whole chaos to making themselves and loved ones beautiful Afghans. We’ve been able to create a community all because of this on Facebook also.

Seems like an Impulse, but I can’t help it. Designing beautiful garments and accessories from yarn has been my new found love. I’ve been able to express my unspoken words though my designs which can also be styled in different ways. For example, the Shawl in the picture below is a convertible pattern that can be styled as a Vest and as a Shawl. I feel crocheting shouldn’t be boring, so I created my own Voice by designing items that can serve different purposes.

Also, the Summer Tee shown above is another design of mine that can be worn with the buttons either in front or at the back.

With Yarn, I’ve been able to think outside the box, and express myself using the crochet language. One of my resent makes is the Ponytail opening sun hat. Most sun hats I’ve seen are all closed with no openings for those with long hair. Designing a Ponytail sun hat few weeks ago was a way of showing how much can be done with imagination and yarn.

The ability to combine different colors while creating beautiful Texture is one of the ways I’ve been able to express myself. Additionally, I’ve always wanted a Cardigan with Pockets, so I created one with an Inseam pocket!

To sum it up, crochet makes me feel free, happy and I feel theirs no end with what I can do or my designs using yarn because Craft is in me!

Craft is you, with the things I’ve been able to design, there is no limit to how I can express myself using my Craft. Checkout https://www.lovecrafts.com/ for more beautiful crafts supplies. I’d like to read about your story on how you express yourself through Craft in the comments or send me a mail.