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Welcome to my Blog, where I show you how I turn string (yarn) into beautiful items.

This Blog is all about – patterns/tutorials on how to make beautiful, crochet items, I would be sharing my Progress on my Current WIPS (Work In Progress) as sneak peeks.  

A little Introduction 

I am Susanna Biaye, mum to a toddler, whose pregnancy rekindled my interest in Crocheting.

I learnt crocheting and knitting when I was about 8yrs old from my Mum. She made all our cardigans and beautiful gowns that I kept till today.

Since then, I’ve been into both knitting and crocheting but had a little break to pursue my carrier. 

However, some years back while I became pregnant with my bundle of Joy, I had to start the craft again. I made several items in the Span of the few months I was pregnant till I entered labor.

Items I made includes – Baby cardigan, Booties, mittens, blankets, plenty amigurumis and even his first pair of slippers.

Making cute items gives me joy beyond words. My intention wasn’t to turn this into business nor was it any where close to publishing patterns.


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However, I got plenty of comments from people asking who made my baby’s items, of which most wanted to know if they can have similar clothing’s. I made lot of crocheted Booties and beanies as gift to such people. Subsequently, when I started posting my pictures online, most crocheters requested for patterns, of which most of them were from my imagination. This was the beginning of my quest into what it takes to be a pattern designer. I started by going through other patterns and making items from them by simply following the patterns. I also got my hands on testings patterns for people in other to know what goes into the process of writing  patterns.

At about a year ago, I wrote out my first pattern (this gown!!!) Though the pattern is yet to be published, I’ll forever cherish this forever.

I am passionate on designing bespoke crochet items, It gives me so much joy and I’m aiming at sharing those with you here.

When I am not Crocheting, you either find me reading a novel, having a mom and me time with my Baby(though he Double Knit yarn and sometimes worsted weight yarn, though recently dabbled  into using thread – it takes forever!!! 

Its almost a year that I started publishing my designs, Few of my published patterns are available on: Esty, Ravelry and Made by Mum’s.

I have also been featured by the HHM in 9 different publications

The above picture was taken few months ago for HHM – Happily Hooked Magazine where my Turban Head band was featured. The pattern is for a Matching mum and me headband.

You can find the pattern Here

Featured design of the week

There would also be featured designs, from many maker friends here on the blog with a whole blog post dedicated to that, this is aimed at creating varieties 


Aah, yes – freebies won’t be left out, I’m seriously hoping on having numerous of such. which would include best deals, specially for you.  PATTERNS wont be left out.


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