Stash Busting Patterns

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With so many people indoors stash busting project(s) is timely to help make you feel connected with yarn and crocheting once again all the chaos. 16 crochet designers have teamed up to bring you free patterns each week in April.

For all the random ball(s) of yarn in your closet, these patterns would be appropriate and they take less time to complete.

Crochet Stash busting challenge for the random one skein(s) left in your closet.

How does this work?

Stash Busting Patterns for the week. each week, you get free Pdf patterns

As noted above, you get the PDF patterns free of charge.

All you need to do is go over to Joy of Motion’s blog for the Link to each of the Patterns and get your Coupon for the downloads.

That’s about all that is needed.

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