Hi, my name is Susanna. I am the designer behind Fosbas designs

Cute Summer Granny Square Crochet Top pattern

I am a mother to an adorable baby boy, whose pregnancy “birthed” my journey in the crochet world.

Fosbas is an ACRONYM of my names – yes, I have 5 other names apart from Susanna

I got my hands on this craft, OK – I learned how to crochet from my Mother from an early age of 8 (started with Knitting). Few of the items made then were – coasters (I love them), crocheted caps, Dollies, I even made myself a Cardigan when I was about 14!!! beanies and Booties were’t left out in my crafting journey.

However, there was a pause, after few years in order to pursue my carrier. luckily, few years ago, when I became pregnant with my baby and love for crocheting and Knitting was rekindled. Since then, I’ve made numerous items for my baby, family members and friends. I’ve also made crocheted items for sale, but decided to only sell my designs (Pattern) few months ago.

What this blog is all about

This Blog is aimed at providing you with Easy Crochet Patterns to make your crocheting easier and Fun. It is intended to bring you more patterns to fit different occasions also, there would be different stitch tutorials and hacks I’ve found useful would be shared.

To make this blog lively and interesting, there would be featured designers whose patterns would be made available here on the Blog for FREE!!!!

Here are few of my designs –

You can check my Pattern section for more patterns

Matching Headband and Bow tie – pattern made for the Happily Hooked Magazine.

My designing journey started about 1 year ago, most of the items initially designed are yet to be published. However, I have few patterns on Esty, Ravelry and made by mums

I also have few patterns published by the Happily Hooked Magazine, Yarnpeople, Crochet now and Your knitting and Crochet Magazines.

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