crochet placemat pattern

Easy and fast crochet placemat patterns

Crochet placemat-free patterns and tips to help you make them while selecting the best yarn for your next crochet placemats.

What a better way to decorate your space? Crochet placemats are perfect addition to any space, tables in which they are decorated with.

Easy round crochet Placement

You can make these crochet placemats into table runners when they are made longer and wider. On the other hand, when you make them smaller, they can pass as crochet coasters.

What yarn is best for making crochet placemats?

To help with the best yarn when making you are making your next crochet placemat, think about a yarn that can be water-resistant or can absorb water quickly.

A yarn that can retain heat and help keep an item warm for a longer period of time, a yarn that can resist stain. Durability and the ease to wash and drying are things to keep in mind.

Heat resistance – You want to make your crochet placemats with a yarn that is heat resistant as this would prevent having a burnt placemat after spending your precious time making them and damage to your hand/table since one of the main reasons placemats are used is to protect these.

Heat resistant yarns include – Cotton yarn, cotton blend, wool, and Nylons.

Water absorbent – Placemats that can soak up soils are excellent. These yarns prevent having spillages on your hands and on the table. Again, Cotton yarn tops this list as it is an excellent absorbent. Examples of water-resistant yarn include the following.

Lily sugar n’ cream – This is one of the best cotton yarns available and makes good projects.

Premiere Just cotton

Lion Brand Re-up

Crafters secret cotton

Scrubby cotton

24/7 cotton

Knit pick’s Dishie

Stain-resistant – In order to last longer, crochet placemats are better when made using yarn that would last for a longer time.

If you have to wash or replace placemats after every use, this would be tasking and turning them into disposable placemats. Acrylic yarns are better stain-resistant when compared with cotton.

The type of yarn you pick for your crochet placemat would be dependent on the above factors.

How many yards of yarn do I need for a crocheted placemat?

crochet placemats use far less yardage of yarn. On average, you would need about 80 yards of yarn fr a small-sized crochet placemat. When adding fringes or tassels this yardage however increases to about 150 yards.

Crochet placemat pattern

How do you make a crochet placemat?

Crochet placemats can be made in various shapes – rectangular crochet placemats, round crochet placemats, and even triangular and square placemats.

The shape is mainly determined by the purpose and intent of the placemat. Depending on the shape and pattern, placemats can be made in rows (turning after each line/row) or in rounds. Generally, crochet placemats are a repeat of basic rows or rounds.

Crochet placemats are perfect projects for a beginner because they mostly use a combination of fundamental crochet stitches.

Easy crochet placemat free patterns

  1. Bulky Rustic Crochet Placemat – This beautiful crochet placemat works up pretty quickly and is full of texture. It uses 106 yards of weight 6 super bulky yarn and a 9 mm crochet hook. You can also add 4 beads on each corner to add a beautiful, rustic look. The finished measurement is about 11.5” by 16”

2. Boho crochet placemat pattern – The circular placemat, uses 200 yards of weight worsted weight yarn and a 6 mm crochet hook. The finished measurement is about 13.5” by 15.5” This pattern has an option for crochet coaster also. The added poms add a cute finished look and make this placemat a must make.

3. Blooming crochet placemat – a free pattern here on my blog is a quick and mindless crochet project. You can make this placemat with a coaster using up your random yarn or ends. The added fringes at the sides add a beautiful classy look.

The finished measurement of this placemat can be customized and you can decide on this either at the start of your project or when you are making it. The pattern uses double knit yarn but can be substituted with just about any weight of yarn.,

Crochet placemat pattern

5. Sunflower crochet placemat pattern – This beautiful pattern would teach you tapestry and colorwork crochet technique interlaced with gingham plaid pattern . The finished measurement is 17″ by 12. 5″.

This color work pattern is made using 8 different colors in worsted weight and a 5.5 mm crochet hook. The pattern includes both written, video, and color chart to help you make your own version.

6. Oval-shaped, beautiful, and beginner-friendly crochet placemat which uses basic crochet stitches. Made using worsted weight yarn and 5 mm crochet hook.

7. The Amazing crochet placemat is one that would help you perfect a new crochet technique. The placemat measures approximately 19” x 11.5”. With detailed instructions that includes both written and charts for 4 different maze placemat designs. There is also a video tutorial for the first maze placemat. This pattern is available as a paid version.

More fun and easy crochet placemats patterns to try!

Christmas themed crochet placemat easy pattern – This square shape crochet placemat uses a combination of easy crochet stitches and supper easy to make.

Crochet placemat free pattern

Bobble crochet placemat pattern – This beautiful crochet placemat made in two contrasting colors would compliment any space or table it is placed on. It also has a matching coaster pattern.

I hope you have picked one or more crochet placemats to make? When you do make any of the patterns, do tag the designer.



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