Free Ear warmer Crochet Patterns

I have gathered some cute free ear warmer patterns to make this season as the weather gets warm with some cold and chilly evenings or rainy days. In this Round up post, I have included the links to each ear warmer, as such made it super easier for you.

These are super fast projects that can be made as gifts or for yourself. You can also perfect your skills using the different patterns!

Not only are the ear warmers free patterns, you also get to master your crochet stitches making them. You learn crochet stitches like the Honeycomb stitch, Lattice stitch, Diagonal stitch and so on.

Would you be making this for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones?

Now to the lists

  1. If learning Tunisian Crochet is top on your list like mine, you would love the Elliot ear warmer pattern. Click here for the pattern
  2. Here is another super easy crochet ear warmer to make this season! The texture is amazing. Get the pattern here
  3. Here is a perfect twisted ear warmer to keep warm in the frosty weather.
  4. Yet another cute Tunisian ear warmer pattern to perfect your skills. This is a knit look alike and fun to make. Here is the tutorial
  5. This ear warmer is full of amazing Textures and can be made in any colors of your choice. Here is the detailed tutorial
  6. Have you made a mum and me ear warmer set? You should check this cute set-out. Click here
  7. I love twinning with my son, this was the inspiration behind the matching Ear warmer and Bow tie designed a few years ago. Check out the pattern here
  8. Have you ever wondered if you can pack your hair in low ponytails while keeping warm? Well, you are not alone. I feel this way all the time. Here is a cute ear warmer pattern that gives you all these functions! Read more here.
  9. Another ponytail ear warmer for your hair, this has an elastic to make it super easy to pack your hairs. Click here for the free ear warmer pattern
  10. The Hickory Hill Ear Warmer is a quick, beginner-friendly crochet pattern. Here is the free tutorial
  11. Here’s another Twisted, yet fun and easy head warmer pattern, click here for the pattern
  12. Another headband that is super full of texture is the Simple twist Headband, this pattern is perfect for a beginner. Get the pattern here
  13. Another beginner-friendly crochet pattern is the Grace headband. This uses the basic crochet stitches and quite easy to customize. Here is the detail for this ear warmer pattern.
  14. If you are looking for a fast and easy crochet headband pattern that can be easily slipped on and taken off in seconds, then this cuttie here would be your go-to.
  15. Now, I love this duo, as it has a beautiful trim of fur to keep you extra warm. You can also make a matching cowl/neck warmer! Get the free pattern here.
  16. Tunisian is the new norm, don’t you think? This head warmer pattern would convince you. Check it out here.
  17. Have you tried the Honeycomb Stitch? This ear warmer would teach you how to. Plus, it also has a video tutorial. That’s a super deal if you ask me. Here is the link to the pattern.
  18. Have you ever tried the Waist comb stitch? This cute ear warmer would teach you how to! The warmth provided by this stitch is on another level. Click here for the pattern.
  19. The Everyday Crochet Ear warmer is the perfect headband for the season with a beautiful texture. Click here for more details.
  20. The Floret crochet headband pattern is one that is beautiful in any color. You can make this using up your stash. Read more here.
  21. The Diagonal Lattice Tunisian Headband is the perfect Tunisian crochet stitch to master your tension. Read more here.
  22. The Texture in this is my favorite thing, I love how warm this would keep my ears. Get the pattern here.

I hope you found this compilation of 22 free Crochet ear warmer patterns useful and would be making some for yourself? Do tag the designer when you make any of the headbands, we would love to see.


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