Easy Crochet Top Pattern

Easy Crochet Top Pattern

I would admit, that this easy crochet top pattern seems to be one of the easiest and quirkiest crochet garment patterns I have ever designed! This makes me super excited.

The construction is such an easy one, and did I mention how quickly this top works up? Another positive is that you can go stash-busting and do not need to break the bank to make yours. Just get leftover yarns from your stash and make yourself something beautiful.

Easy Crochet Top Pattern

Seeing the colors my Testers used makes me even more happy. It was fun seeing their creativity come out. How they combined their colors, to how many colors they decided to use would give you the much-needed inspiration when you select your own colors.

Yarn selection for this crochet summer tee

My favorite Yarn Company, Hobbii Yarn, sent me some yarn goodies I love so much. I used the yarn sent to design this easy crochet top pattern. I have a predilection for going for wool for this design, so I told them I wanted to try their WOOL POWER, which is 100% Roving yarn. It was fun using this yarn for the first time. Definitely, it won’t be my last.

The yarn sent was part of a fun challenge where you are encouraged to use at least 4 different colors. You can also follow the challenge on Instagram – #Noshadesofgrey.

Easy Crochet Top Pattern

Color selection for this crochet Tee pattern

As I mentioned, this was a part of the No Shades of Grey Challenge, where each designer was encouraged to use at least 4 different shades/colors. I decided to go with shades of Blue and neutral (white). My Shades of Blues came out as a perfect blend that you might not even notice the subtle color difference.

You are welcome to use as many or as few colors to make your own Tee, and you can also get inspiration from my Tester’s color scheme by checking out their projects on Ravelry.

Crochet Top Pattern

Name inspiration for this easy crochet top pattern – I have named this crochet Top pattern “My Perfect Summer Tee” as it looks like the perfect Tee in so many ways as stated above. I also wish you would complete yours just in time for summer and we can all have fun in our different versions of this perfect tee for summer!

This pattern is only available as a paid version – You can get a copy on ETSY here or on Ravelry using this link.

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Materials for this cute crochet summer tee pattern


Hobbii WoolPower, #4, Worsted weight (100% Wool, 174 yards/160 meters per 3.5 oz/100g skein)

Color D = 2 (2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4) Balls in White

Colors A, B and C = 1(1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) Ball Each in 4 different colors.

Estimated Yardage

For Color D = 280 (320, 340, 400, 460, 520, 560, 600, 680) yards

Color A, B and C = 50 (60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160) yards each

Hook and other Materials

–        Size G (4 mm) Crochet Hook

–        Yarn needle


21 sts over 11 Rows = 4.5”/11.5cm before Blocking.

Pattern for gauge included in the pattern

Pattern Notes

  1. Please kindly read through the pattern before starting.
  2. Similar #4 weight yarn can be substituted; please check the gauge.
  3. Chains at the beginning of each row and in the pattern are regarded as a stitch throughout this pattern. Regard chains as a stitch and work into them.

Construction Notes

  1. This summer, Top is worked in rows.
  2. Both panels (front and Back) are made in one piece with a neck opening made midway.
  3. The sides are then seamed together.


1.     Length: increase or decrease the repeat rows for both back and front panels.

2.     Armpit: Too tight? Increase the number of inches measured from the top of the shoulder.

Too loose: Decrease the number of inches.

3.     Bust/fitting: each panel is half your bust measurement; after Row 3, you should check to ensure you have the desired measurement.

Difficulty level Intermediate

Terms – US Terminology

Stitch Abbreviations

Chain(s) – ch(s)

Single Crochet – sc

Double Crochet – dc

Repeat – rep


Size(s) and color code – XS (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL)

Bust Measurement: 30 (34, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54, 58, 62)”

Length of Tee: 24 (24, 24, 26, 26, 26, 28, 28, 28)”

Armhole Measurement: 7.5 (8, 8, 8.5, 8.5, 9, 9, 9.5, 10)”

I hope to see your beautiful makes from this easy crochet top pattern; when you do, kindly tag me with @crochet_fosbas.

This pattern is only available as a paid version – You can get a copy on ETSY here or on Ravelry using this link.

Frequently asked questions about this pattern -Easy Crochet top pattern.

  1. Can I substitute any other type of yarn with the same weight? YES, I have used Hobbii yarn, which the company provided to design a summer pattern. You are welcome to use any other brand of yarn at your disposal. You can totally go stash-busting when making this crochet top.
  2. Can I use another weight of yarn? Using another weight of yarn is not advisable as this easy sweater pattern measurement, gauge was based on #4 Worsted weight yarn and also tested using a similar weight. However, for the experienced crocheters, you might want to measure as you crochet. Remember that if you use any other yarn weight, you might need to adjust your starting chains and the number of repeats. Please use a similar weight of yarn when making your sweater (main color and contrasting colors) should be of similar weight to have a beautifully finished top.
  3. I have never used this stitch combination before; how easy is this pattern? This pattern is graded at an intermediate level regarding the stitches used and where they are placed. This stitch is a repeat of 2 rows, and in no time, you will master it.
  4. Can I use more colors than suggested in the pattern? Sure, you are welcome to make your own versions of this top in colors of your choice. No matter the color(s) you choose, this top will come out so beautiful.
  5. How long does it take to crochet this? As much as we all crochet at different speeds, I suggest budgeting between 1 and 3 weeks. The time it would take you to complete your top depends on so many things like – the size you are making, the speed at which you crochet, and the amount of time at your disposal.
  6. Can I customize the length of this top? Absolutely! You can make this top into any length of your choice.

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I can’t wait to see your beautiful makes! Come share your projects with me and the crochet community on Facebook and on Instagram.


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