Free scrap yarn crochet projects

Let’s get creative and use up those piles using the amazing scrap yarn crochet project ideas included in this post. We crocheters all have random skeins of yarn either you own a huge pile of yarn or just a few balls. These scrap yarns don’t necessarily have to be in knots or ugly.

scrap yarn crochet project

The scraps can even be a beautiful ball/skein you have been keeping and can’t find the perfect project to make with this precious yarn. In this post, I have compiled beautiful free scrap yarn project ideas that can be made using up those random yarns.

Don’t let any leftovers go to waste, why not use those up while making some beautiful crochet projects?

Who is joining me in using up their stash in this stash-busting challenge?

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30-plus scrap yarn crochet-free patterns

These projects vary in terms of the amount of yarn needed to use multiple colors in a particular project and also cut across various yarn weights.

I hope you get one or more scrap yarn crochet project ideas and make some stash-busting projects.

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Scrap Yarn Projects ideas

More free scrap yarn crochet projects for you

Crochet scrap patterns - Free patterns

These cute baskets can be made within minutes! You can make them to your desired heights, depending on the amount of yarn you have at hand. Also, these can be made in any weight of yarn available to you. Read more on Sweetbeecrochet‘s blog.

How about those tiny scraps of yarn? You can make a beautiful garland with those. Here is a free pattern to use up those scrap yarns

How about a quick made, with our scrap yarn? Check out this easy bracelet made with just a few yards of scrap yarn!

It is a new year, so making a cup cozy with scrap yarn would be fab! Simplyhookedbyjanet made this cozy using yarn from her stash and has also added a graph to the Pattern.

More scrap yarn large project ideas

Let’s add some sunshine to the world with these cute fruit-themed keychains by Raffamusadesigns. This is a perfect scrap yarn crochet project that is also free on her blog.

Crochet stash busting patterns

Next is the beautiful coffee bean cozy for days you are having a cuppa or two. This easy free scrab-busting cozy is free on Christacodesign’s blog and you also get to perfect a new stitch.

Do you have some dish scrubber yarns but are yet to find the perfect pattern to make with those? Here is Desert Blossom Crafts free pattern and tips on how to crochet with any dish scrubber yarns. With this tutorial, you would be a pro and would love to use up any of these yarns you’ve been keeping.

Have you ever made a cup mug before? This easy free scrap-busting pattern would help you make a cute cup mug with fringes.

Do you use face Scrubbies? If you’ve been wanting to make some, here is a perfect pattern to use. Plus, it doesn’t use up much yarn!

Rainbow crochet snake is another scrap yarn crochet project, that can be made in colors of your choice.

Crochet butterflies can be made into different things, ranging from earrings to appliques to bookmarks and even a scarf or blanket. The list is endless, let your imagination flow with this free pattern perfect to use up all scrap yarns.

For those ends of yarn preserved from previous projects, you can make these beautiful crochet stars. These use up a minimal amount of scrap yarn and can be made in all forms of colors. What would you turn these into?

A cute sunglass pouch would add color and beauty to your outfit (if you own a sunglass!) Not to worry, this pouch can be used to keep other valuables apart from sunglasses. Jototheworld has an easy-to-follow pattern for those random scrap yarns

Loving these coasters from Craftingeachday’s blog as they look beautiful in contrasting yarn.

Scrap yarn crochet project!

Pam’s beautiful scrappy sweater is the perfect stash buster, you can never go wrong with the colors.

This beautiful blanket by Burgundyandblush can be made using up those scrap yarns.

Come join in the fun of making this scrap-busting blanket in the crochet along happening here on my blog. It starts in just a few days. Read the details here

This easy chevron cowl by Raffamusadesigns can be made using colors of your choice, it also works up pretty quickly.

Have you tried making a Tunisian blanket? Here is a perfect stash-busting pattern to use up scrap yarns.

Have you made a Mandela? This joyful Mandela is eye-catching with the bust of colors used. You can achieve a similar look when you use your scrap yarns.

This is another quick Mandela by Hooked on Patterns. This can be made into a coaster!

I hope you’ve gotten some beautiful ideas of what can be made using up those scrap yarns for beautiful crochet projects. It’s time to hop into the stash-busting challenge to see how much can be made with those yarns.

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