What to crochet When you are bored - 140 free patterns

What to Crochet When You Are Bored: 140 Easy Projects

There are days I do not know what to crochet despite having at least one larger project on my hook. However, taking a break to make a small project or other cute things is always rewarding on such days.

So, if you are like me and looking for what to crochet when bored, check out the list of more than 140 patterns in this blog post; it’s an amazing way to get your crojo back or make it a perfect gift. 

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These crochet projects, all easy patterns, range from smaller to large projects. 

What to crochet when you are bored

Whether you are looking for a new adventure or bored, these 120-plus cute projects include simple dishcloth pattern(s), coasters, bags, baskets, amigurumi, Mug cozies, Kitchen items like cozies, towel toppers, towel holders, and even garments.

These different patterns would make a perfect baby shower gift or something you could use for yourself.   I have specially selected the smaller projects, which would make an easy DIY project!

Placemats are fun to make 

A great way to start is by making some easy crochet placemats! They can be made in various shapes and are simple, perfect for a self-taught beginner. It can be made with one skein of yarn within a few minutes. 

1. Round crochet placemat

2. Santa crochet placemat

3. Stash-busting crochet placemat

Crochet Bags

Either for personal use or as a gift, crochet bags are great de-stressor projects. These make an adorable gift with an amazing end result. These range from cute pouches to totes and beach bags. Oh, and little bags are not left out.  

4. Bunny crochet bag

5. Wips crochet bag

6. Crochet backpack

7. Bobble beach bag

8. Crochet Sunglasses Pouch

9. Earpod case pattern

10. Easy crochet pouch pattern

11. Quick croche treat bag

12. Japanese Knot Bag

13. Santa gift bag

14. Snowman sack

15. Crochet snowglobe Coin Purse

16. Cardholder Gift Purse crochet pattern

Crochet Baskets!

I love making crochet baskets and can’t get bored making them! It is a perfect project that can be used for both decorative functions and keeping notions. Also, I gifted the mini ones at Easter.

17. Crochet yarn basket

18. Mini Easter crochet basket

19. Plastic bag holder Pattern

20. Hanging basket-free pattern in 3 different sizes

21. Easter crochet large basket

Try crochet cozies if you want a quick project or learn new stitches. It is a useful crochet project with a beautiful texture. 

22. Santa Mug cozy

23. Easy crochet spon holder free pattern

24. Soup bowl microwave cozy

25. Plant cozy

26. Wine Hat in 3 different sizes

27. Wine scarf pattern

Cute things to crochet to keep you warm

Crochet items to keep you warm in the colder months are excellent gifts that can be made using just a  few yards of yarn. Keep warm by making a cute beanie, wrist, and boot warmer. 

28. 30-minute crochet beanie

29. Matching boot cuff crochet pattern

30. Leg warmer-free pattern

31. Slouchy Beanie

32. Crochet slouchy hat

33. One skein crochet beanie

34. Textured crochet beanie

35. Real Bobble crochet beanie pattern

Crochet gloves

I love making these to share mittens; they are perfect for keeping warm alongside your loved ones. Also, gloves are perfect winter accessories.

36. Fingerless crochet gloves

37. Hold-my-hand crochet mittens

Lightweight crochet items are the best way to show off your skills in summer.  Protect yourself from the sun with these small items this summer!

38. Easy breezy sunhat

39. Wide-brim sun hat

40. Ponytails with this hat

41. Visor hat.

42. Bucket hat

Granny Squares projects

Granny squares are fun and one of the simple crochet stitches. Make small squares and join them into a blanket or pillow cover! How about being creative and making yourself a garment?

A few of the projects I have made using the Granny stitch technique include:

43. Blanket

44. Granny square Top

45. Granny square sweater

46. Granny Square Stocking

Crochet Bookmarks when you are bored!

These are quick and easy to make; they can also be given as gifts, and you do not need a huge amount of yarn!

47. Tassel bookmark

48. Teacher’s appreciation Bookmark.

Crochet coasters are great when you do not know what to make next!

Coasters can be as simple or as intricate as you like and useful around the house. Crochet coasters are also the perfect stash-busting project! The photos below are all examples of projects I have personally made!

49. Sunflower coaster

50. Round Bobble coaster

51. Santa crochet Coaster free pattern

52. Autumn Leave and Pouch

Dishcloths are next!

Practical and quick to make. They’re also a great way to practice new stitches. You can pair and match your crochet dishcloth with the coasters shared above.

53. Catherin Hand Towel free pattern

54. Catherine’s Kitchen Towel

55. Santa Kitchen towel

56. Breezy towel hanger and Ring towel hanger (Round-up post)

57. Ring towel Towel Holder Pattern

58. Snowglobe Pot Holder

59. Towel Holder Dress

60. Poinsettia Towel Holder

61. Turkey Towel Holder

More fun crochet projects to crochet when bored

Crochet Cute pouches are fun to make!

These projects make good gifts and can be made at the last minute. You can customize these for any season or occasion!

62. Crochet Water Bottle holder

63. Crochet wine bag

Projects to keep you hydrated

How about a crochet water bottle holder and wine bag? These are quick crochet patterns.

64. Crochet water bottle holder

Crochet Water Bottle Holder pattern

Crochet Flowers when not sure what to make next!

Flowers and Appliques are cute projects that can be done! Use up those random skeins.

65. Rose flower

66. Crochet flowers can be joined to baskets.

Crochet Cakes!

These not only look appealing, but they also make a great statement as well.

67. Birthday cakes

68. Carrot cakes

69. Bunny Cupcakes are some examples of crochet cakes I have personally made.

Crochet Headbands are trending!

70. Ponytail crochet headband

71. Elastic ear warmer

72. Matching set of Bows

Crochet Baby Items when you are bored

These can be donated to charities or relatives, but they are rewarding to make!

73. Easy Bonnet free pattern

74. Simple no sew crochet cardigan

75. Baby crochet booties made in rows

76. Waffle baby sweater

77. Flared baby dress

78. Baby elephant rattle

Crochet Slippers and Socks

There is a project for every season! These crochet slippers range in difficulty level, but there is something for every level.

79. Knee-high crochet socks a free pattern

80. Reversible crochet socks

81. Adult slippers – Made in flat

82. Easy breezy slippers

83. Bunny slippers – Comes in kids’ and Adult sizes

Amigurumi is the perfect project when you are bored

These are small, stuffed yarn creatures. They can be a bit more complex but cute and satisfying.

84 – 100. Crochet elephants

101 – 120. Crochet owls are perfect projects that you can try.

121. Crochet carrots

122. Large eggs

123. Mini eggs can not be left out!

Crochet Jewelries

You can make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, or earrings with crochet.

124. Arewa Bracelet

125. 30-minute necklaces are great examples of accessories I have made.

Crochet Hair Accessories

126. Hair scrunchies

127. Hair scrunchies with bows, zippers, and plain are another example of the quickest projects I have ever done!

127 – 147. Gift for Mother’s Day.

I hope you love all the patterns included in this roundup. Remember, at the end of the day, you can customize these projects by adding extra texture or making some in different sizes. 

Now, friends, you should never go without options for what to crochet when bored! I hope to see your makes from these projects.

I can’t wait to see your beautiful makes! Come share your projects with me and the crochet community on Facebook and on Instagram.


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