What to Crochet When You Are Bored

What to Crochet When You Are Bored

We have all been there when we are completely lost on what to crochet when bored. Sometimes, it might be between large projects, or when crocheting a difficult pattern.

When I am bored, I prefer to make a mindless project. By mindless project, I meant easy patterns with simple repeats and not one with complex repeats!

If you’re feeling bored and you want to crochet, there are numerous small projects you can start to pass the time and keep your hands busy.

Ideas on what to crochet when you are bored

The list is not in any way limited, let your imagination take you on a fun journey! Enjoy the 60+ free patterns that I have specially selected, designed, and tested for you!

Placemats are fun to make

A good place to start is by making some easy crochet placemats! They can be made in various shapes and are simple, perfect for beginners.

Round crochet placemat

Santa crochet placemat

Stash-busting crochet placemat

Crochet Bags

Either for personal use or as a gift, crochet bags are great de-stressor projects. I have made so many bags and have a few patterns here on my blog.

Bunny crochet bag

Wips crochet bag

Crochet backpack

Bobble beach bag

Crochet Baskets!

Crochet basket’s uses can never be over-emphasized. I have used mine for decorative functions and keeping notions. Also, gifted the mini ones at Easter.

Crochet yarn basket

Mini Easter crochet basket

Crochet Cozies can be made when you do not know what to make next!

Cozies can be super customizable. These would make a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Santa Mug cozy

Soup bowl microwave cozy

Plant cozy

Cute things to crochet to keep you warm

Keep warm with the 30-minute crochet beanie and a matching boot cuff crochet pattern

Crochet gloves

I love making these, from fingerless crochet gloves to shared mittens, perfect for keeping warm alongside your loved ones. The hold-my-hand crochet mittens are perfect winter accessories.

Things to Crochet in Summer

Lightweight crochet items are ideal for summer. Protect yourself from the sun with the easy breezy sunhat, and wide-brim sun hat and pack your hair in ponytails with this hat and the visor hat. This bucket hat is not left out!

Granny Squares projects

Granny squares are fun and one of the simple crochet stitches. You can make small squares and join them into a blanket or pillow cover! How about being creative and making yourself a garment?

A few of the projects I have made using the Granny stitch technique include – Blanket, Granny square Top, Granny square sweater, and the Granny Square Stocking

Crochet Bookmarks when you are bored!

These are quick and easy to make, they can also be given as gifts and you do not need a huge amount of yarn! A few crochet bookmarks I have made include the Tassel bookmark and the Teacher’s appreciation Bookmark

Crochet coasters are great for when you do not know what to make next!

Coasters can be as simple or as intricate as you like, and they’re useful around the house. Crochet coasters are the perfect stash-busting project also! The photos below are all examples of projects I have personally made! Have a look at the Sunflower coaster, Round Bobble coaster, Santa crochet Coaster free pattern, and lately a round-up with more amazing crochet coasters for you!

Dishcloths are next!

Practical and quick to make. They’re also a great way to practice new stitches. You can pair and match your crochet dishcloth with the coasters shared above. The below photos can all be found here on the blog and the patterns are all tested and trusted, made by me!

Catherin Hand Towel free pattern

Catherine Kitchen Towel

Santa Kitchen towel

Breezy towel hanger and Ring towel hanger (Round up post)

More fun crochet projects to crochet when bored

Crochet Cute pouches are fun to make!

These projects make good gifts and can be made at the last minute. You can customize these to for any season or occasion!

Crochet Water Bottle holder and Crochet wine bag

Next is another set of amazing small pouches!

The Crochet sunglasses holder and Book cover are cute projects for any project lovers!

Crochet Flowers when not sure what to make next!

Flowers and Appliques – The rose flower is a cute project that can be made! Use up those random skeins. The Easter Basket is another quick project adorned with a beautiful flower!

Crochet Cakes!

These not only look appealing, but they also make a great statement as well.

Birthday cakes, Carrot cakes, and Bunny Cupcakes are some of the examples of crochet cakes I have personally made.

Crochet Headbands are trending!

Ponytail crochet headband, Elastic ear warmer, and Matching set of Bows

Crochet Baby Items when you are bored

These can be donated to charities or given out to relatives, but are rewarding to make!

Easy Bonnet free pattern, Simple no sew crochet cardigan, Baby crochet booties made in rows, Waffle baby sweater, Flared baby dress, and Baby elephant rattle

Crochet Slippers and Socks

There is a project for every season! These crochet slippers range in their level of difficulty but there is something for every level.

Knee-high crochet socks a free pattern

Reversible crochet socks

Adult slippers – Made in flat

Easy breezy slippers

Bunny slippers – Comes in kids’ and Adult sizes

Amigurumi is the perfect project when you are bored

These are small, stuffed yarn creatures. They can be a bit more complex, but they’re cute and satisfying to make.

Crochet elephants and crochet owls are perfect projects that you can try.

Crochet carrots and large eggs and mini eggs can not be left out!

Crochet Jewelries

You can make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, or earrings with crochet.

Arewa Bracelet and 30-minute necklace are great examples of accessories I have made.

Crochet Hair Accessories

Hair scrunchies come to mind! This is one of the quickest projects I have ever made!

Remember to choose a project that matches your current crochet skill level, or be prepared to learn new stitches or techniques if you’re trying something more challenging. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Now, friends you should never go without options of what to crochet when you are bored! I hope to see your makes from these projects.

Come share your makes from the Crochet Pattern in my Facebook community or tag me on Instagram (@crochet_fosbas).

I can’t wait to see your beautiful makes!


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