Super quick Bowl Cozy Crochet free Pattern

Quick Microwave Bowl Cozy Crochet Pattern

Easy and quick microwave-safe crochet bowl cozy pattern is a simple and easy-to-customize project. This bowl cozy has an amazing texture and is super thick, hence the perfect project to keep a hot bowl of soup warm or keep a cold dessert cold for a long time and also protect your hands from the heat of the bowl.

The crochet soup bowl cozy is free on the blog, scroll down the blog post for the free pattern, or grab the ad-free PDF format on Etsy and Ravelry.

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Microwave Bowl Cozy Crochet Pattern

A crochet bowl cozy is a small, reusable sleeve or cover designed to fit snugly around a bowl, helping to insulate the contents and keep them warm. It is typically made using a crochet hook and yarn and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different types of bowls.

Crochet bowl cozies are a popular project among crocheters who enjoy making functional, eco-friendly items for the home. Crochet Bowl cozies are often used as an alternative to single-use materials like paper towels or plastic wrap when heating or serving food.

Best Microwave Safe Yarns

Cotton yarns are the best yarns for a microwave-safe crochet bowl cozy for the following reasons.

  1. They are safe
  2. The cotton yarn has great insulation so it may not keep your food as warm.

Cotton yarns are more heat-resistant and will help keep your food warm while also protecting your hands from the heat of the bowl. Examples of 100% cotton worsted weight yarn(s) include 24/7 cotton, Prima Cotton, and Lily Sugar ‘N Cream.

Is Crochet Bowl Cozy Save in the Microwave?

The simple answer is yes! I have enjoyed using my bowl cozy in the microwave since I completed this project and my testers also have used theirs in the microwave.

Now, I am aware of the controversy in the industry, make sure to use 100% cotton for your crochet bowl cozies.

If the cozy is made from 100% cotton yarn, then it should be safe to use in the microwave. However, if the cozy contains any synthetic materials or metallic accents, it should not be used in the microwave as these materials can potentially cause a fire or melt in the microwave.

Are Acrylic yarns suitable for bowl cozy?

Acrylic yarns can be used for crochet bowl cozies, but they may not be the best choice. Acrylic yarns are not microwave-safe, so if you plan on using your bowl cozy to heat up food in the microwave, you should avoid using acrylic yarn.

Additionally, acrylic yarns are not as insulating as other types of yarn, so they may not keep your food as warm as other materials. However, if you plan on using your bowl cozy to serve cold food or as a decorative cover, then acrylic yarns can be a good option.

It’s always best to err on the side of caution and check the materials used to make the cozy before using it in the microwave. Additionally, it’s important to use caution when removing the bowl from the microwave as both the bowl and the cozy may be hot.

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Supplies needed to make a crochet bowl cozy

24/7 Cotton, Worsted weight, #4 (100% Cotton,186 yards per 3.5 oz/100g skein)

Hook – 5 mm Crochet Hook

Gauge – Round 1 – 5 = 10 cm/4” made using the stitch pattern

Crochet bowl cozy pattern notes

  1. Please kindly read through the pattern before starting.
  2. Any other weight of  #4 weight yarn can be substituted. 

Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Terms – US Terminology

Stitches Abbreviations

Chain/chains – ch/chs

Half double crochet – hdc

Magic ring (Magic circle) – MR

Special stitch 

Hdc 3rd loop 

Finished Measurement of this microwave cozy

You can totally customize your bowl covers to make the right size to fit your bowl sizes. 

Small, Medium, and Large to fit small, medium larger bowls (taller bowl(s)

How much yarn do I need for a crochet bowl cozy pattern? 

For this quick and easy crochet bowl cozy, you would need about 120 to 160 yards of yarn! That is just a skein of yarn for your soup bowl cozy.

I added a cute handle to make this bowl practical and easy to use. If you want a wider handle, increase the repeats until you have the desired width.

How to crochet a quick crochet bowl cozy

Round 1: In a magic ring, ch 2 (does not count as a stitch), 12 hdc in magic ring. 12 hdc. 

  • Skip the beginning chains and do not join. 
  • Place a stitch marker at the end of the round and move it after every round. 
  • In the 3rd loop from here on. 

Round 2: 2 hdc in each around. 24 hdc

Round 3: *hdc in next, 2 hdc in next, repeat from * around. 36  hdc

Round 4: *hdc in next 2 sts, 2 hdc in next, repeat from * around. 48 hdc

Round 5: *hdc in next 3 sts, 2 hdc in next, repeat from * around. 60 hdc

Round 6: *hdc in next 4 sts, 2 hdc in next, repeat from * around. 72 hdc

Round 7: *hdc in next 5 sts, 2 hdc in next, repeat from * around. 84 hdc

Skip to Body for a Small-sized Cozy

Round 8: *hdc in next 6 sts, 2 hdc in next, repeat from * around. 96 hdcRound 9: *hdc in next 7 sts, 2 hdc in next, repeat from * around. 108 hdc

Place your bowl on the piece, once you have a similar base size, skip to the body 

Skip to Body for a Medium-sized Cozy

Continue to Round 10 for a Large-sized Cozy

Round 10: *hdc in next 8 sts, 2 hdc in next, repeat from * around. 120 hdc

Round 11: *hdc in next 9 sts, 2 hdc in next, repeat from * around. 132 hdc

Round 12: *hdc in next 10 sts, 2 hdc in next, repeat from * around. 144 hdc


Continue in spiral and in the 3rd loop

Round 1: Hdc in each st around. 84 (108, 144) hdc

Rounds 2 – 6 (8, 12): Repeat Round 1

Increase or decrease the repeats until you have a desired height for your bowl.


Section 2 – Edge

Round 1: *(2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc) corner made, hdc in next 20 (26, 35) sts, rep from * to end

Round 2: hdc in first 2 sts, *(2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc) in next ch 2 sp, hdc in next 24 (30, 39) sts, rep from * to end 

Round 3: hdc in first 4 sts, *(2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc) in next ch 2 sp, hdc in next 28 (34, 43) sts, rep from * to end 

Round 4: Hdc in first 6 sts, *(2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc) in next ch 2 sp, hdc in next 32 (38, 47) sts rep from * to end 

Fasten off, weave in the end.  
There you have your first bowl cozy project. And are ready to enjoy either a warm cereal bowl, warm bowl of soup, or other hot meals. This will also make great gifts!

FAQ About Crochet Bowl Cozies

1. How big should a crochet bowl cozy be?

The size of a crochet bowl cozy depends on the size of the bowl it is intended to fit. It’s important to measure the bowl before starting the project to ensure that the cozy will fit properly.

A general rule of thumb is to make the cozy slightly smaller than the bowl so that it fits snugly and doesn’t slip or slide around. The cozy should be large enough to cover the sides of the bowl and provide a little bit of coverage on top, but not so large that it droops or sags.

How do I use a crochet bowl cozy?

A crochet bowl cozy is a handy accessory to have in the kitchen. It provides insulation for a hot bowl, making it easier to handle. Here is how you can use it:

  1. Ensure it fits: Before using a crochet bowl cozy, make sure it fits your bowl snugly but not too tightly. A well-fitted cozy allows you to hold the bowl comfortably even when it contains hot food.
  2. Place the bowl inside the cozy: Put your bowl inside the cozy, and make sure the bowl is secure in the cozy.
  3. Use it when serving hot food: When you are serving hot food, place the food in the bowl which is already in the cozy. The crochet cozy will prevent your hands from coming into contact with the hot surface of the bowl, providing you with a comfortable grip.

Do I need batting for a crochet bowl cozy?

Whether or not you need batting for a crochet bowl cozy depends on the level of insulation you want the cozy to provide and if the pattern calls for one. This pattern does not use a battling, but I made the mustard cozy with two strands of DK weight yarn and it came out perfect.

If you want to add batting to your crochet bowl cozy, you can cut a piece of batting to size and sew it between the layers of the cozy. Be sure to choose a batting that is safe for use in the microwave if you plan on using your cozy to heat up food.

How do you adjust the size of a crochet bowl cozy?

To achieve this, you need to check the width of your cozy against the widest part of your bowl. Once you have similar dimensions, it’s time to continue to the body of your cozy.

Are crochet bowl cozies machine washable?

Depends mainly on the type of yarn used. For 100% cotton, they are machine safe!

Can you sell crochet bowl cozies made from this pattern?

Yes, you are welcome to sell your finished makes from my crochet soup bowl cozy pattern.

How long does it take to crochet a bowl cozy?

The amount of time it takes to crochet a bowl cozy depends on several factors, including the skill level of the crafter, the complexity of the pattern, and the size of the cozy.

For a simple, straightforward pattern using basic stitches, it may only take an hour or two to complete a single cozy. However, if the pattern is more intricate or uses more advanced techniques, it may take several hours or even several days to complete.

Additionally, crocheting speed varies from person to person, so the time it takes to crochet a bowl cozy can also depend on how quickly the crafter works.

I can’t wait to see your beautiful makes! Come share your projects with me and the crochet community on Facebook and on Instagram.


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    1. Normally, when you hold your piece, there are 2 loops that we crochet into. The front is called the Front loop, and the second, farther away from you is the back loop. If you look just beyond the back loop (on the wrong side of a half-double crochet stitch) you’ll find one extra loop compared to the other crochet stitches. This is the third loop.

  1. Hi there,
    I just wanted to check and clarify also about the hdc 3rd loop instructions, as I misunderstood and have now attempted this 4 times and just frogged my work again, so can you please help?
    I keep ending up with a weird bump where each round finishes and starts for the next round, so I have just read through the instructions again as I wondered whether I’m supposed to be turning my work at the end of each round perhaps?
    It doesn’t say that in the instructions but I didn’t know what else to try to get it to work, however would love to complete one of these as the idea is great! Thanks 🙂

    1. Oh, you can continue in a spiral. Place a stitch marker at the end of each round and move the stitch marker after every round.
      Once your re done with the body, you can sl at into the next st to close the “height” difference.
      I hope this helps?

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