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It’s finally here, this has been one of my long time goals and I am super excited to take the bold step with you all. Introducing the Crochet Membership, an annual subscription which grants you a huge discount.

What Patterns are included in this?

  1. Seasonal appropriate patterns (Winter, summer, etc)
  2. Convertible Garments, the next 2 releases are convertible garments. A reversible cardigan, a reversible shawl, and a cardigan that can be styled in at least 4 different ways without any major changes.
  3. Other Garments that are not convertibles like jackets, cardigans, and a dress.
  4. Accessories – Hats, beanies, cowls, shawls, slippers, infant items.
  5. Plus, you all have the chance to decide what pattern(s) you want next!!!

Can I wait till further time?

Sure, you can join at any time, BUT

  1. You miss out on live events
  2. You miss out on the fun and support from others making the same projects.
  3. You get one on one tutor from me!!!

Can I pay in installment?

  • At this stage, I’m afraid this isn’t yet in place.

How can I access the patterns?

  1. Patterns would remain in your files on Etsy/Ravelry (where you purchased it)
  2. Files can be forwarded to use whenever you request them.

When do I get the patterns?

The patterns are not going to be released at once. They are spread over the year. You get at most 2 patterns a month.

Once we have 15 patterns in all, that would be the end of the membership.

Crochet Membership Patterns

Can I join the this batch of membership?

Yes, I would be delighted to have you join and might even throw in some surprise for you.

Get yours on Ravelry here

I would like to answer your questions about the membership club, do send me such through – [email protected]

How much does this cost?

For early access to the 15 patterns and Live updates about each pattern with a community to support as you make these patterns, it costs $50.

The patterns included in this bundle worth $6 – 6.50. With the membership, you get each pattern at $3.30 each.

Frequently Asked Questions….

1. Are these PAtterns available as free on your blog?

– No, the patterns included in the membership are all paid, premium patterns.

2. I might wait for when you have sales.

Yes, you can. I only have 50% sales once a year and that comes up only during Black Friday (November)

3. What about pattern release sales?

My Pattern release sales are 30% off the actual price.

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