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To every crafter that wants to be better at organizing your stash, project, and keep a balance between the things we love, this is for you! One of my goals is to be ahead of my game and the most successful way to do so is to use the maker’s organizer to keep me in line.

Who can use this organizer?

The answer is, ANYONE !!! Do you plan your task days, weeks, or months ahead?

Do you wish to be ahead with your craft?

If you wish to plan your time, keep track of your yarn in different sizes, then the maker’s organizer is for you.

This planner helps you keep track of your yarn inventories, take control of your days, and remind you of details about your projects!!!

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The organizer at a glance

The picture below shows a few of the 100 pages included in this organizer.

Crochet organizer to keep your projects in one place.

How to use this maker’s organizer

  • Project Tracker Page – Cut this and stick to your work in progress (WIP). This would help to remind you of the yarn, hook size, and other things needed when picking it up next time.
  • Row/Round Counter – Keep track of the number of rows/rounds when you have to leave your WIP/project for some time. Simply write the Project name/details with the number of rows/round you are currently working on. Alternatively, you could add the stitch counts.
  • Work in progress page(s) – This page helps keep track of the number of projects on your hook, it is similar to the project tracker page.
  • Project schedules – To help you keep on track, you are encouraged to write out each of your projects on this page. It would also help to plan the number of projects you intend to make in a week, month or year.
  • Monthly Goals – Make a detailed list of the things you hope to complete within the month. This might include the projects you are currently working on or hope to complete.

This organizer is a Copyright of Fosbas Designs.

This Planner is 100 pages with a lot of fun included. It includes so many options to make crafting super easier and much fun. You can keep track of your many WIPS (because we all have so many). You do not need to keep in mind the hook size or brand name again. Simply pen it in the Work in Progress page and you are good to go.

  • Keep Track of your STASH using the yarn stash inventory. You can log the number of ball, weight, colors and Dye-lot.

Have you ever forgotten totally about a project, only to pick it up many weeks, months, or even years later and discover you remember little or nothing about it again? The Project Tracker is your friend and you do not need to remember all the details again. Simply cut this part and wrap/stick it to your project before packing/keeping. This helps you take the project from where you stopped anytime!

Get your Planner on Etsy

For UK friends, check out MadebyMum’s for the PDF copy of this pattern here.

How busy are you?

If you are like me, I have a thousand things on my mind. This planner helps me keep organized as I can clearly pen down what needs to be done and allocate my time reasonably.

The Maker’s Organizer has schedules for the whole year! Yes, January all through December.

Get Organized using this Printable Crochet Project Planner.
This is a 100 pages organizer that includes the following pages;

  1. Projects (work in progress),
  2. Weekly and monthly planner,
  3. To-dos,
  4. Project tracker pages,
  5. Yarn stash inventory
  6. Project Schedule pages
  7. Project Tracker pages and lt more…

Option 1 = A4 US Letter size (8.26″ X 11.69″) (21 X 29.7 cm)
Option 2 = A5 Pages (5.83″ X 8.26″)

For the best result, please print on A4 paper, you can set it to print on either side of the paper to save you some papers.


  1. This is a Printable Planner and not a Physical Item.
  2. Color(s) may vary slightly depending on your screen/printer.
  3. You can select the size you prefer, there are 2 different options provided.


Click here for your copy!

I would love to see you use this planner, do tag me with pictures when you do.

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