Easy Crochet Vest Pattern

I have always wanted to make my own pattern for a circular vest. Considering that I have made about 3 circular vests in the past, I wanted something that speaks to me. So, coming up with my own design is a dream come true. I present you, my easy crochet vest pattern – the Phlox Circular vest.

Easy Crochet Circular Pattern

Have you ever made a circular vest before? I love how it drapes beautifully when you make it using a beautiful yarn.

This vest is appropriate for all weather as it can be layered up or down as you see fit.

Mine would see more use this summer as it was made using cotton. Speaking of yarn, let’s talk about the beautiful yarn I used for this design, shall we?

Hobbii yarn just created a new line of cotton yarn which is similar to their Twirls, and they gifted me some. This yarn is divine, so smooth to work with, and lightweight.

If you are looking for a yarn that won’t pill, lightweight, and won’t lose shape, you should totally try this yarn. You can check out their selections here.

This easy crochet vest pattern is only available as a paid premium pattern, you can get the PDF copy on Etsy or on Ravelry.

Now, to the materials I have used for this beautiful easy crochet vest pattern


Hobbii Dahlia Mixo, Fingering weight, #2 (100% Cotton, 874 yards/ 800 m per 7 oz/200g Ball)

Get the yarn here

             Estimated Yardage

XS – S = 1 Cake /7 oz/200 g/ 874 yd / 800 m

M – L = 2 Cakes/ 8 oz/250 g /1500 yd/ 1188 m

XL – 2XL = 2 Cakes /9 oz/300 g/1700 yd / 1555 m

3XL – 5XL = 3 Cakes /21 oz /500 g /2000 yd / 1828 m 

Hook and other Materials

–        US size G (4 mm) Crochet Hook

Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Terms – US Terminology

Stitches Abbreviations

Chain(s) – ch(s)

Slip stitch – sl st

Half Double Crochet – hdc

Double Crochet – dc

Treble = Tr

Repeat – rep

Special stitches

V ST – dc, ch 1, dc in indicated st

Shell – 5 dc in indicated stitch

Can we talk about the various sizes included in this pattern?

As with all my patterns, this is no exemption to being size inclusive. The vest is graded for 9 different sizes using bust measurements. I have also color code the sizes for easy understanding pf which you are making.

Sizes – XS – S(M – L, XL – 2XL, 3XL – 5XL)

Bust Measurement: 30 – 34 (38 – 42, 46 – 50, 54 – 62)”

Back Panel width: 14(14, 16, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 24)”

Armhole Depth – 16(17, 18, 19)”

Easy Crochet Vest Pattern on Etsy

Phlox crochet circular Vest on Ravelry.

Styling inspirations – Some Pictures from my Testers!!! @Margitscrochet @crochet_yarn_love

I would love to see your beautiful makes from this easy crochet vest pattern, when you do, kindly tag me with your makes.

Frequently asked questions about this pattern – Crochet vest pattern.

  1. Can I substitute any other type of yarn with the same weight? YES, You are welcome to use any other brand of yarn at your disposal. You can totally go stash busting when making this crochet bag.
  2. Can I use another weight of yarn? It is not advisable to use another weight of yarn as this easy vest pattern measurements, gauge was based on #2, fingering weight yarn and also tested using similar weight. However, for the experienced crocheters, you might want to measure as you crochet. Do bear in mind that if you use any other weight of yarn, you might need to adjust your starting chains and the number of repeats. Please, do use similar weight of yarn when making your Vest (main color and contrasting colors) should be of similar weight in order to have a beautiful finished vest.
  3. I have never made a crochet circular vest before, how easy is this pattern? This pattern is graded as an intermediate level in terms of the stitches used and where they are placed. I would recommend that a beginner who is yet to make many items and is not patient to learn should not start with this vest so as not to get frustrated. It is however, an easy to follow pattern with repeats of basic rounds/rows. I am confident you can make yours also. I have also provided information on how to make your own version.
  4. Can I use more colors than suggested in the pattern? Sure, you are welcome to make your own versions of this vest in colors of your choice. No matter the the color(s) you decide on using, this vest would come out so beautiful.
  5. How long does it take to crochet this? In as much as we all crochet at different speed, I would suggest to budget between 1-2 weeks. The time it would take you to complete your vest depends on so many things like – the size you are making, the speed at which you crochet, the amount of time at your disposal.

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