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How long does it take to crochet a sweater?

If you are planning to crochet a sweater, you may wonder how long it would take to complete it. This post is here to give you detailed information on things that come into play when deciding the timeframe for completing your next crochet sweater.

Data from my survey shows that it takes an average of 20 hours to complete an adult-size-crochet sweater. It takes an average of 8 hours to complete a baby-sized crochet sweater.

The number of hours used in crocheting is actually spread over several days, with the majority of people not being able to sit for 20 hours to complete a sweater. In terms of days it takes, to complete a crochet sweater, it takes an average of 30 days.

When it comes to determining how long it would take you to complete a crochet sweater, there are some important factors to consider. Things like the speed of the crocheter, the level of difficulty of the pattern, yarn weight, and hook sizes are part of the things which are discussed in detail below.

When it comes to estimating how long it takes to complete a crochet sweater, you should consider the following variables.

  1. The size of the crochet sweater
  2. Yarn weight
  3. Hook size
  4. Pattern Technique
  5. The difficulty of the pattern
  6. The speed at which one crochet
  7. Stitch pattern
  8. The level of the crocheter

The size of the crochet sweater – The bigger, the more time it takes to complete the crochet sweater. One is expected to complete a baby sweater faster than an adult-sized crochet sweater.

In continuation, a short-sleeved sweater is expected to be completed faster than a long-sleeved sweater. Likewise, a hip-length cardigan is faster than a knee-length, one when using the same pattern and yarn weight.

More about the size of the crochet sweater – Most crochet patterns come in various sizes; the standard sizes, according to the Craft Yarn Council for an adult female is from XS through 5XL, using bust measurements that range from 28″ to 62″. If someone is making a sweater in XS, which is 28″, and another person, is making the same sweater in size 5XL, if they both devote similar time and crochet at the same speed, it is expected that the person making the XS would finish first.

As regards the person making the 5XL, this size is more than twice the XS; it would use more yarn, stitches, and more time.

The weight of the yarn – Using this analogy, two crocheters with a similar level of experience, speed, and time are making the same size of sweater BUT using different yarn weights. The person making a sweater with a thicker yarn is expected to complete the sweater first.

Any yarn would do crochet cardigan perfectly illustrates how yarn weight and hook sizes affect the total time it takes to complete a cardigan. The cardigan was designed and tested using 4 different weights of yarn and corresponding hook sizes. Most of my crochet pattern testers are pretty fast crocheters; they all got the pattern simultaneously and were given the same due date.

Crochet Cocoon Pattern

As expected, those using bulky (#5) weight yarn completed their cocoon cardigan within a few days, leaving those with the thinnest yarn weight behind.

The Hook size is similar to the yarn weight; the bigger the hook, the faster it is to complete the sweater.

Pattern Technique – A pattern that does not require any sewing is expected to be completed faster than one that requires multiple sewing. If you have many ends to sew in after you are done crocheting, this also lengthens the time it takes to complete a sweater. The simpler the pattern constructions, the faster it is to complete a crochet sweater.

The real bobble crochet sweater is one that requires no sewing; it works up pretty quickly, and you can also check the fit after the first few rows.

On the other hand, this cardigan, the Lilian cardigan, would take a little longer than the previous one to complete as it has some sewing (at the sleeves), has a flare (peplum), also uses a combination of crochet stitches that takes time to complete.

Both difficulty and stitch of the pattern go hand in hand – the simpler patterns usually use simple stitches, meaning they work up pretty quickly.

Speed – It would save you some time if you are a fast crocheter.

Time allocated to crocheting in a day – The more time you have specified to crochet in the day also determines how fast it would take to complete your sweater.

The level of the crocheter – For the more experienced crocheter, it would take fewer hours to complete a crochet sweater when compared to a beginner. Although from the chart below, the larger percentage of my respondents are intermediate crocheters, it was discovered that both the intermediate and advanced crocheters take up the largest percentage.

Tips to help you become a fast crocheter

Practice, practice, and more practice – With more practice, you get better. Try to devote time to crocheting daily or weekly. Make sure to be as frequent as possible so that you do not forget what you have previously done.

Use bulky weight yarn – With heavyweight yarn, you can see the stitches more clearly, and yarn in this category works up pretty quickly. This encourages you to do more projects.

Get a good hook – Goof crochet hooks do magic for the person using them. The stitches ade with your yarn glides beautifully when the hook is right.

Start with simpler crochet stitches and gradually progress to more complex ones – Simple stitches help you fall into a rhythm; you can follow the written pattern by heart and even continue without reading the pattern or watching the designer do the project.

Get comfortable – As simple as this tip sounds, you truly need a comfortable seat in a well-lit area. This reduces the strain on your eye.

Checkout the detailed post on how long it takes to crochet a blanket and also the ultimate guide to picking the best yarn for your next project.

In Summary

It has been established that it takes about 20 hours to complete a crochet sweater, and in terms of days/month, it takes about 1 month (30 days). And that numerous factors come into play

How about you make some crochet sweaters?

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