How long does it takes to complete a crochet blanket

How long does it take to crochet a blanket?

How long does it take you to complete a crochet blanket is one of the frequently asked questions by crocheters. So I decided to take a quick survey from my readers. and their response has been charted below.

Bunny Baby Blanket Pattern

In terms of days – It takes an average of one month to complete a baby-sized blanket and 1 to 3 months to complete a baby blanket according to the latest survey I conducted. But read through for the breakdown of the things involved.

In terms of hours – it’s takes an average of about 20 hours to complete a crochet Blanket. When using the number of hours as a yardstick, remember that most people would not be sitting down for the whole 20 hours. This might be 2 hours a day for some, or 5 hours a day.

In as much as we all crochet at different speeds, it is important not to get discouraged by the timeline provided below. If you are looking into improving your crochet speed, have a look below at the tips to help you.

How long does it take to complete a Baby crochet blanket?

Crochet for babies usually works up pretty quickly. This does not exclude crochet baby blankets.

In my research, I sampled 2237 crocheters with varying levels of experience and found out that more than 65% of them said they complete a baby blanket within 1 month. That is about 4 weeks. It is intriguing to see that 21.4% of these ladies complete a baby blanket within 3 months and the remaining percentage (about 12%) complete a baby crochet blanket at different times.

4% reported that it takes them more than 6 months to complete one, and another 4% complete a baby blanket in less than 7 days!

So, it is safe to say an average crocheter takes about 1 month to complete a crochet baby blanket. Which amounts to a total of 12 – 20 hours on the average for a simple crochet blanket design!

How long does it take to finish adult-sized crochet afghan?

Adult sizes crochet blanket comes in different sizes. I have attached a photo below. This means that in order to determine how long it takes to complete a blanket, we need to take into consideration the size. This can be Twin, queen, and king size.

Crochet Blanket sizes

Blankets come in varying sizes. The time it takes to complete a blanket is directly proportional to the size of the blanket you are making, assuming every other variable listed below remains constant.

To elaborate on this, if two ladies are making a blanket, the first making a baby blanket and the second a queen size. If both of them have the same crochet pattern, the same weight of yarn, and the same hook size, and if they are both crocheting at the same speed and time, the person making the smaller size of the blanket is expected to complete her own version first.

Crochet blanket sizes

Variables affect the length of time it takes to complete a crochet blanket.

To crochet a blanket, there are lots of variables that you need to take into consideration.

  1. Weight of yarn – The kind of yarn varies from sport weight, fingering weight, lightweight (double knit), worsted weight, chunky, and super bulky yarn. The lighter the yarn, the more time it would take before you complete your blanket.
  2. Level of difficulties of the crochet blanket pattern: Easy crochet patterns tends to work up quickly. This has to do with how easy it is for the crocheter to understand the written pattern and how quickly it can be interpreted into a blanket.
  3. Level of crocheter: The more advanced you are, the faster you crochet.
  4. Time: The more time you have at your disposal the quickly your project grows to completion.
  5. Hook size: The size of your crochet hook works with the weight of your yarn. When crocheting with a larger size hook, the pattern tends to work up pretty quickly.
  6. Color of the yarn: Yes, the color of the yarn affects the duration. Most people find that they crochet faster when using bright colored yarn as opposed to when they are making a crochet blanket in Black color yarn or darker shades of yarn
  7. Stitches and Techniques used in the pattern: It is no news that there are crochet stitches that simply work up pretty quickly and when these kinds of stitches are used in crocheting, the blanket gets to be completed faster. For instance, when using single crochet for an afghan, your project might be slower as opposed to when using double crochet.
  8. Size of the crochet blanket: The smaller the blanket the faster it takes to complete the blanket.
  9. To join or not: Joining might slow you done when making a blanket, so if the aim is to quickly complete your project, opt for a no-sew crochet blanket.

The fun weekend crochet blanket is one that can be completed within a weekend as it uses super bulky yarn, larger crochet hook size, and simpler crochet stitches.

Crochet Blanket pattern
Crochet Blanket Pattern

However, the Tudor rose crochet blanket, on the other hand, would take you about 3 weeks, even for the more experienced crocheter as it uses lightweight DK yarn, has few joinings, and uses more complex crochet stitches.

Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

Does the level of expertise affect how long it takes to finish a crochet blanket?

The answer is yes! The common knowledge in answering this would have been that the advanced crocheter tends to finish up a crochet blanket faster than a beginner. It’s not surprising that the survey agrees with this!

57 percent of my respondents are intermediate crocheters while 39.3% are advanced crocheters. The remaining 33.6 percent are confident beginners.

So, the answer is this – the more advanced you are the faster it is to complete your crochet blanket.

The PDFs of the blankets in this post can be seen on Ravelry

Weight of yarn in relation to the time it takes to complete a crochet afghan

The majority of the respondents affirm that the yarn used affects the time it takes to complete a crochet blanket. The heavier the weight of the yarn, the faster it is to complete a crochet blanket. On the other hand, the thinner the weight of the yarn the longer it would take to complete the blanket.

Can I improve my crocheting speed?

The answer is YES!!! There is room for improvement and if you are willing you can improve your speed. How to crochet faster – Practice, practice, and more practice.

When it comes to crochet speed, it is advised to attempt the followings:

  1. Start with a familiar crochet pattern.
  2. Make sure to crochet when you are relaxed and without much distractions.
  3. Get your materials ready.
  4. Get a comfortable crochet hook size.
  5. Yarn – go for bulky weight yarn, this helps with the speed.
  6. Start with simpler crochet patterns designed for beginners, once you are confident with beginner patterns, you can challenge yourself with advanced beginner and then intermediate levels.
  7. Give it time, don’t give up. Keep trying and in no time, your speed would improve.

I hope this post has been able to answer your question on how long it takes to complete a blanket? I would love to hear about your experience.

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