reversible crochet shawl

Crochet reversible granny stitch shawl

Granny stitch shawls are pretty popular, but can we switch it up a little? Here is a reversible crochet shawl. Two different sides, two different textures and colors.

Crochet reversible granny stitch shawl

If this is your first time seeing my reversible designs, you definitely need to see the array of all beautiful garments and accessories I have made using the reversible stitch.

How to make the reversible crochet granny stitch

This shawl is the perfect project to learn and perfect the reversible granny stitch. It uses the combination of two different crochet techniques – granny stitch and the V stitch.

Each of the crochet stitch used only on one side. To create the reversible effect, you need to use two colors. The choice of colors depends solely on you! You can decide to go with complementary colors or use contrasting colors.

To get the reversible effect, this shawl pattern has a detailed Video tutorial with lots of step wise photos to help you along the way.

The reversible granny stitch shawl is available as an instant download. You can get it on my website, Etsy or on Revelry. Use the buttons below. Read on for the materials and tips to help you make yours.

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Materials needed for the granny stitch reversible crochet shawl pattern

Yarn – I wanted a shawl that you can make by shopping from your own stash. This honeycomb shawl was tested using 3 different yarn weights. Please, note that you do not need the 3 weights, these are options for you.

1. Sport Weight (#2)

Hobbii Cotton Kings Sultan Deluxe, #2 (100% cotton, 1000m/1093 yards per 250g skein)

Color A – Blue Moon (20)

Color B – Eagle Diamond (16)

 590 yards/540 meters, per 150 grams

2. Yarn – DK (#3)

Lion Brand Coboo, 50% Cotton, 50% Rayon from Bamboo, 232 yards per 100g

Estimated yardage for DK

Color A – 850 yards

Color B – 750 yards

Hook if using DK yarn

  •  5 mm Crochet Hook or any other suitable hook size.

3. Worsted Weight (#4)

Color A = Big-twist-value-solids, #4, 380 yards/347 meters, per 170 grams

Color B = Shawl in a Ball Stripes, #4, 58% Cotton, 39% Acrylic, 3% Other, 518 yards / 150 grams

Estimated yardage for Worsted Weight

Color A – 800 yards

Color B – 700 yards

Hook Worsted weight

  • 5.5 mm Crochet Hook or any other suitable hook size.


Gauge isn’t important as you can stop once you have your desired dimension.

Other materials 

Stitch Markers – 4 pieces 

Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Terms – US Terminology

Pattern Notes

  1. Please kindly read the pattern before starting.
  2. Any weight of yarn can be used for this shawl, make sure to use a similar weight.
  3. The listed yarn above are examples used by my testers and myself, you can use any other type/brand of yarn for yours.
  4. Chains at the beginning of the rows do count as a stitch.
  5. Stitch count is written after each row.
  6. The pattern is worked in rows with turning done after every 2 rows.

Stitches Abbreviations

Chain(s) – ch(s)

Double crochet – dc

Special stitches

V stitch = (dc, ch 1, dc) in same st

Shell = 4 dc in indicated stitch

Finished Measurement – You can customize the finished dimensions as you crochet.

Crochet granny stitch shawl pattern

I would love to see your beautiful makes from this pattern, when you do, kindly tag me with your makes.

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