Amazing Summer Crochet Projects

Summer is a time of fun, enjoy the warm weather with these selected summer crochet projects that work up quickly and are also useful for summer.

amazing summer crochet patterns

It is exciting to share with you all this year’s summer vibes and crochet patterns. Still cannot believe it’s been 3 years! This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my amazing crochet designers.

How do blog hops works?

If this is your first time joining the blog hop, I would summarize what it entails. Blog hops are a fun way of getting the latest crochet patterns from different designers.

Most times, these patterns are free for a certain time. The time can vary between 24 hours to 7 days.

Update -The summer vibes 2022 has now ended, the patterns included in this event are still available through the designers page, simply follow the links provided.

Roo Bucket hat and backpack patterns

The essence of blog hops

Blog hops bring new designers your way. Have you ever wondered, oh, this design is so beautiful, how have I never seen this before? This works both ways, for the crocheter and the designers. With blog hops, you get to see many talented crochet designers and the range of their beautiful designs.

Blog hops are a form of compensation for the designer. Since they give thousands of their patterns away for free, going to their blog to get either the code or the download link helps them to generate income either from ad revenue on their site or when you buy the bundle or their other paid patterns.

31 Amazing summer crochet patterns for you

Each day, there would be the latest updates with code and links to the designer’s website. In order not to miss any of the updates, make sure to do either of the followings.

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Day 1 – July 1st

Susan Summer Shirt – This is a textured crochet top with a beautiful V neck detail. It has an option to either make a sleeveless tee or into a short sleeve

Get the pattern details here

Designer – myself.
Summer Crochet shirt pattern

Check out the designer’s process on Instagram

Pericia pattern

Day 3 – July 3rd

Flying V Water Bottle Carrier in small and large. The small will fit 16.9 oz water bottles and most children’s sized reusable water bottles and the large will fit 1-liter water bottles and 24 oz shaker bottles and reusable water bottles.

Designer – Teal Dragonfly Creations.Follow the designer on Instagram

Get the Pattern here

Day 4 July 4th (1 pm BST)

Cowl neck top – Today’s featured pattern in the amazing summer crochet pattern hop is a beautiful lacy cowl neck top great for the summer weather

Designer – Toyslab Creations.

Click here for the pattern details

Amazing cowl neck crochet pattern for summer

Day 5 – July 5th

Two M’s Shawl – The featured pattern today in the amazing summer crochet projects is an easy Lace Crochet Triangle Shawl This pattern is a repeat of basic rows and a mindless project for you.

Designer – Me n My Hook

Click here for the pattern link

Day 6 – July 6th

The Simple Striped Bucket Hat – The Simple Striped Bucket Hat is perfect for any time of the year. This fashion-forward bucket hat is so popular right now and it is beginner friendly as it only uses a single crochet stitch.

Designer – Carroway Crochet

Follow this link to download your pattern

Summer hat - part of the amazing crochet patterns for summer.

Day 7 – July 7th (1 BST)

The Mermazing Kerchief – This beautiful pattern suits the summer vibe you’ll be feeling all summer long sporting this at the beach or store!

Designer – Eco-Minded Stitches.

Click here for the mermazing kerchief pattern

Day 8 – July 8th (1 pm EST)

Mirabeau Tote – Add a touch of the South of France to your outfit with the Mirabeau tote, a multipurpose WIP, project, or just a general day-to-day Tote bag. Perfect for strolling along in the sunshine down the streets of Provence, bringing your yarn to your local coffee shops, or holding your books and magazines while you relax poolside all summer long!

Designer – Tales of Knots.

Click here for the pattern download details.

Amazing Crochet bag for summer vibes

Day 9 July 9th (1 pm EST)

Granny On The Beach Bag – This is a beautiful spacious bag that can accommodate lots of your items when going to the beach.

Designer – Frankie Kate

Get the pattern details here

Day 10 – July 10th (1 pm BST)

Boho cactus wall hanging – Add some warmth and cuteness to your home with this Boho Cactus Crochet Wall Hanging. Designer – Esraa Riyad Designs

Click here for the pattern details.

Day 11 – July 11th

Kalena Wall Hanging – The Kalena Wall Hanging is one of the most versatile home decor pieces you can crochet. It looks fantastic bare, or it can act as a picture holder by clipping photos to the “eyeholes”.

Designer – High Desert Yarn

Click here for the pattern

Crochet wall hanging, part of the amazing summer crochet projects.

Day 12 July 12th (1 pm BST)

Girls Best Friend – This shawl/wrap is easily a 1 skein project using the red heart ombre yarn with the elegant diamond shape design this wrap is perfect for a night out on the town, for those summer evenings when it starts to cool down and you just need something over your shoulders, Girls Best Friend is the pattern for you!

Designer – Missouri Makes

Get the pattern download link here

Day 13 – July 13th (1 PM BST)

Daisy Bag – This beautiful bag is perfect for summer and you can hold some essentials. The added applique makes this bag perfect for the season.

Designer – Dulces y Punto

Get the download link here.

Day 14 July 14th (1 pm BST)

Sunny Day Market Bag – Be the most stylish shopper during your next farmer’s market visit with the Sunny Day market bag on your shoulder! Choose a yarn like Lion Brand’s “Re-Up”, a recycled cotton worsted weight, for a bag that helps save the environment in more ways than one. Its generous size and durability make it the perfect choice for those weekend shopping trips.

Designer – MadameStitch

Get the download link here.

bag - amazing summer project

Day 15 – July 15th (1 PM BST)

Winter Hills Cellphone Bag – With the Winter Hills, Cellphone Bag is the perfect accessory for those summer festivals, and can’t bring your usual bag (especially if your dress doesn’t have pockets)

Designer – Crochets By Trista.

Get the Pattern details here.

Day 16 – July 16th

Today’s featured pattern is the Della Crochet Bucket Hat – An easy crochet bucket hat that is light and airy perfect for spring, summer, and fall.

Designer – Pam’s Cozy corner

Get the pattern link here

Day 17 – July 17th (1 PM BST)

Simply Beachy Mug Rug Set – The Simply Beachy Mug Rug Set is a quick and easy way to add brightness to your summer kitchen decor.

Designer – Simply Melanie Jane

Get the pattern link here

Day 18 – July 18th (1 PM BST)

Axolotl Amigurumi – This little axolotl amigurumi is such a sweet and fun project that can be made in many color combinations.

Designer – Loops and Love Crochet

Get the pattern link here.

Day 19 – July 19th (1 PM BST)

Quick summer coaster – crochet square coasters! Perfect for hot or cold beverages and is a great last-minute gift!

Designer – My Crochet Space

Get the pattern details here.

Day 20 – July 20th (1PM BST)

Piraguas Shawl – This one-skein light and airy shawl, made with cotton-blend sock yarn in vibrant colors, is reminiscent of the shaved ice treats of summer.

Designer – Underground Crafter

Get the link for the pattern here.

Day 21 – July 21st

With Whip Cold Cup Cozy – The With Whip Cold Cup Cozy is a great stash buster for leftover Home Dec yarn. Add this to your cold cup to help soak up condensation and a fun twist to your fave summer beverage!

Designer – Through The Loop Yarn Craft.

Here is the pattern link

buy the whole bundle here

Day 22 – July 22nd (1 PM BST)

Tree Branch Hot Pad – This lovely textured crochet hot pad is both practical and beautiful. The pot holder is worked really quickly, it’s a great stash-busting project to use up all your leftover yarn scraps.

Designer – Made by Gootie.

Get the pattern link here

Day 23 – July 23rd (1 PM BST)

Seaglass Beach Bag – A simple striped crochet beach bag, the perfect size for a towel, book, water bottle and sunscreen. Designer – off the hook for you

Get the pattern details here.

Day 24 – July 24th

SASSy Sunflower Market Bag – The SASSy Sunflower Market Bag works up quickly and is perfect for all of your shopping needs.

Designer – SASSy A’s Specialty Shoppe

Get the pattern details here.

Day 25 – July 25th (1 PM BST)

Ruffled convertible skirt – How about a skirt that can be worn in 6 different ways? One skirt, multiple looks.

Designer – Fosbas Designs

Get the pattern details here

Day 26 – July 26th (1 PM BST)

Pool Ripple Clutch Bag – Create your own textured crochet clutch bag that is perfect for brunch or the beach!

Designer – Cosy Rosie UK Get the pattern link here

Day 27 – July 27th (1 PM BST)

Scrappy Summer Table Runner – Use your scraps and create this fantastic table runner. Using the Join as You Go method you can make this one as large or small as preferred. Full video tutorials included. There are so many ways to customize this pattern!

Designer – Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Get the pattern details here

Day 28 – July 28th

Tunisian Cinch Bag – The Tunisian Cinch Bag is a quick, fun make that’s perfect for a project, but also for carrying your items to the pool or beach this summer. It lays flat to be used as a small mat and cinches to keep your things secure. Designer – Creations by Courtney

Get the pattern details here

Day 29 – July 29th (1 PM BST)

Crochet Flowers – Crochet these super cute tiny crochet flowers to make into a decorative garland or bunting. Great for spring or summer home decor. These tiny crochet flowers are so quick and easy to make! They only consist of two crochet rounds!

Designer – Blue Star Crochet

Get the pattern details here

Day 30 – July 3oth (1 PM BST)

Barbara Summer Top – The Barbara Summer Top is a one-row repeat pattern. This boxy-type top is made with two identical panels and sewn together at the end.

Designer – Strings, and Cuddles

Get the pattern link here

Day 31 – July 31st (1 PM BST)

Midsummer Hair Scarf – Because of the open design, the Midsummer Hair Scarf is the perfect warm weather accessory for your hair. It can be worked up in an evening, making it a perfect last-minute project.

Designer -Three Fates Creations

Get the pattern link here.

I hope you love the selected amazing summer crochet patterns included in this event. When you do make a start at any of the patterns, kindly tag the designer. we would love to see your beautiful makes.

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