Crochet SPA set Pattern

Crochet Spa Set

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crochet SPA set pattern

Crochet SPA set has recently become one of my favorites that I couldn’t resist sharing with you all the pattern. This would make a great gift item to your loved ones and also your best seller in the upcoming craft fairs.

With mother’s day approaching, this set would make a cute gift idea either for yourself or for the mom’s around you. You can totally make this crochet SPA set using up your leftover yarn or use up your stash!

What better way is there to pamper one self-other than to a cute, textured, 100% handmade SPA set? You deserve so much love.

Made this Set few months ago and since then, I’ve gotten massive love for the pattern from everyone that has seen it. This set includes:

  1. Washcloth pattern
  2. Face scrub Pattern
  3. Loofahs or Back Scrub Pattern
  4. Pouch – this doubles as Soap/Face scrub and even candle pouch,
Crochet SPA set Pattern
SPA set Pattern

Another great and unique feature of this set is the texture in it. The Washcloth is made in 2 different colors repeating a basic pattern and it has no wrong or right sides. Have you noticed the face scrubber? The texture is superb and the shape is just so amazing.

The Loofah is my favorite!!!! I love that I could recreate a Machine that produces Loofah that I’m currently using and customize it to fit my Bathroom. this Loofah dries up quickly, unlike some other crochet loofahs that soak up water and dry slowly.

Enough said, try this pattern and get yourself pampered with 100% love because you deserve it. you can get the pattern Ravelry

Crochet SPA Set Pattern
Crochet Spa Set for Mothers day gift and to pamper your self. This set includes:  1. Loofahs 2. Wash cloth 3. Soap pouch 4.  Face Scrub. The Texture in this pattern is so beautiful

There’s an endless possibilities to the color combinations to use in this pattern. Since Publishing this pattern, I’ve seen so many color options with few posted above.

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I can’t wait to see your beautiful makes, do tag me on social media with your pouch and SPA set makes @crochet_fosbas.



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