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I am super excited to have other designers on my Blog!!!
Fosbas Designs is a crochet blog for the stylish lady and her kids/husband, helping them to dress beautifully in handmade garments and accessories and to decorate their home with items made from patterns on the blog.
I personally focus on making garments and accessories on my blog but I would like to bring in other talented designers with their creativity.
While I am fairly a new designer, I have realized that I can not do all the work alone.

What I am Looking for –

  1. A well written and tested crochet pattern designed by you.
  2. The more the pattern fits my style the more successive your design would be.

What do you gain from this?

1.This would get your Blog post and Pattern in front of many People.

  1. Yarn support from Wecrochet or Lovecraft,
  2. I would link back to your Blog, social media pages, and shops.

How it would work

  1. Select the most favorable date in 2021, click here
  2. Fill the form with design ideas, it is perfectly OK if you do not have the pattern yet, your concept is all that is needed now in order to process yarn support.
  3. I would send you a response once I love your design concept.
  4. Send the patterns 2 weeks before your featured date.


  1. The pattern would forever be free on my blog.
  2. You can publish the pattern as free on your blog AFTER 6 months of publication on my Blog.
  3. You can sell Premium copies on your stores, I would also link to those.


  1. I would actively share your post but for this to work, we both need to share with our Audience actively.
  2. Kindly tag me when posting progress pictures on social media and I would gladly re-share to create awareness. You can also encourage your Testers to tag me also.

Who can apply?

Any crochet designer with a passion to create unique and bespoke patterns.


Any good design ranging from home decors, accessories to garments would do well with my audience.


Guest designers would be featured on Mondays starting from January 2021.

Ideally, I would love to have a guest design on my blog per month.

Kindly share with other Designers.

For further Clarifications kindly send me a message at – [email protected]

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