How to make crochet non-slip slippers for toddlers

Non-slip crochet slippers technique that can be used for both toddlers and adults!

With these methods, you are guaranteed a non-slip crochet slipper each time you make them!

Easy Crochet Non Slip Slippers sole
Photo Credit – @smithjkhandmade

Everyone who crochets slippers often wants to know how can they make these slippers to be non-slip, in order to prevent unwanted falls. This became more needed, especially for my boy. I felt the need to make my toddler version of the crochet slippers a nonslip to prevent my baby from falling.

This brought about some research around the internet and I was able to come up with some amazing ways to make your crochet slippers non-slip from the comfort of your home!

Now, my crochet baby booties all need to get revamped with some cute non-slip backings.

Why go the extra length to make crochet slippers soles non-slip? The non-slip soles prevent accidental falls! If you have an active toddler (or yourself) and a hard floor, making your house slippers non-slip would be life saving

Ultimate lists of nonslip materials for crochet slipper soles

While the list is non-exhausting, the following are the most popular items that have been used to make crochet slippers non-slip.

  1. Puffy Fabric Paint also called tulip or dimensional paint

Puffy Fabric Paint is one of our favorites. The multisurface dimensional paint has so many advantages making it one of the first on the list. It is affordable, last longer, and comes in carrying colors! It adds texture and vibrancy to your crochet socks/slippers and a beautiful three-dimensional appearance. This is in contrast to most other paints that add a 2-dimensional look.

2. Sock Stop – This is a popular method to finish off crochet socks and slippers, providing a non-slip latex base and it gives to give your creation some grip thus preventing falls. Sock Stop also comes in different colors, both clear and colored. This means you can match your finished slippers appropriately.

Crochet non-slip slippers
Photo Credit – @Carol Vile – She made the Adult slippers and used Sock Stop for her soles.

3. Silicone Sealant

This is not just a method to make crochet slippers soles non-slip, it also confers the finished slippers as waterproof!

4. Fiber-Lok Non-Skip Backing

While the Fibre-Lok Non-skip Backing is mostly used to keep rugs in place, it has been said to be a good alternative in adding a good grip to crochet slippers soles and thus making them non-slip

5. Non-Slip Indoor Rug Pad

This adds so much more than just preventing sliding in crochet slipper soles. It adds cushions and your slippers feel like you have added an insole or an additional layer of soles. This also makes walking on the hard surface quite easy and would be a better option for indoors

6. Felt Soles on the Zen of making

This is another beautiful method to make your crochet socks/slippers non-slip. You can cut felts into a similar shape/size as your crochet slipper’s sole and either sew or glue them to felt.

7. Slipper Soles

You can pick holes into your slipper soles and then crochet around the soles. Although, in this post, I did use slipper soles as a cushion

8. Plastic Dip

Plastic Dip is another alternative to making your croche slippers non-slip. This drys fast!

Other items that can be used to make your crochet soles non-slip

9. Hot glue from the glue gun – This comes in handy at the last minute. You can also write with your hot glue and make something cute with them while keeping your crochet slippers non-slip.

Crochet non-slip slippers
Photo Credit – @smithjkhandmade, photo of her bunny adult slippers.

10. Jiffy Grip – Jiffy grip is a special fabric that includes small silicon-like dots with gripping power, which makes them amazing in a multitude of projects that requires some grip or to prevent sliding. This fabric can be used as non-slip slippers/house shoes, and more. This is a brilliant method of getting customized non-slip on your crochet slippers. Cut the jiffy grip to your desired size and stick them to the bottom of your socks/slippers

Pros of using each of the nonslip materials for crochet slipper soles

Puffy Fabric Paint

  1. Nontoxic
  2. Cheap
  3. Provides a permanent non-slip grip to slippers.
  4. It is machine-washable because of its strong adhesion.
  5. Perfect for children’s socks, as it provides added grip.
  6. This high-quality custom paint is strong and durable.
  7. Also super easy to apply to your crochet 

Sock Stop

  1. Has an excellent grip.
  2. It comes in many colors (both clear and colored)

Jiffy Grip

  1. Also comes in different colors.

Felt soles

  1. Adds extra cushion to the completed sock/slipper’s sole, this means more comfort!
  2. Felt soles are also relatively cheap and can easily be sourced

Plastic Dip

  1. Drys pretty quickly
  2. Relatively lightweight after applying it to your socks.

Cons of using each of the nonslip materials for crochet slipper soles

Sock Stop

Takes about 10 – 12 hours to dry. This might mean a little delay in getting to use your slippers after applying Sock Stop to them.

The colors become darker once the product dries, if you are after a certain shade of color and applying socks stop, make sure to keep this in mind when applying them to your socks or slippers.

Jiffy Fabric

  1. The color selections are limited with the most popular colors being only White and Black.
  2. Jiffy Fabric is expensive when compared to sock stop. It is sold in

Care of your non-slip crochet slippers

Caring for your non-slip crochet slippers can be tricky. As you have 2 different things to consider.

First, the type of yarn used in making your slippers. second, the type of material used to make your slippers non-slip.

The most important way to care for your finished non-slip crochet slippers is to was according to both the yarn and material. As identified above, puffy fabric paint can withstand machine washing.

What method would you choose to use? I would love to know what your experience is with using any of the above methods in making your croche slippers non-slip.

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