Easy Crochet Baby Booties Pattern

Easy Booties Baby Crochet Pattern

Crochet baby booties can be a very daunting task. With these crochet baby booties patterns, you would no longer stress yourself AGAIN!!!

Are you looking for super-fast crochet booties that can be made within a few minutes? Then you are in the right place. browse through the compilation of my 3 different booties – Pretty in Pink, Bowtie Booties, and Pretty in Blue crochet booties below.

Have you ever attempted a seemingly easy baby booties pattern and ended up with different sizes of Booties? Many people find making Baby Booties intimidating with many difficulties and frustration getting the same shape and size of Booties.

Get the Pattern to the Pink Booties on Ravelry

I have been in the same situation and have attempted different techniques and adjusted my tension, but it only helped a little.

It was so much excitement designing booties with another technique. This time, not start with the sole but worked flat, yes, I now make mine in rows and join the sides together once completed.

Things I’ve tried doing to archive an equal baby booties pattern in the past include

Working on both booties at once, yes, It worked but was quite stressful. I would crochet a row/round on each pair. I found this to help with my tension, as such I had similar shapes and sizes for my Booties. You could try this technique when next you see booties you love to make.

Get the mustard-colored crochet baby booties easy pattern on Ravelry

– I’ve also tried to perfect my crochet techniques to make sure my Tension was fairly similar and it was helpful getting the same size and shape of booties.

But what happens to the lady who is yet to perfect her tension? Or to the new mom who is constantly tending to her newborn child? This new technique of making your crochet booties in a Flat would make all the difference and you do not need to master any new skills.

Now, you do not need to work the same pair at a sitting or attempt to have the same tension to have the same size and shape of Booties. Even a first-timer would be able to make these Booties.

After so many emails from those who bought my patterns and were so grateful as this technique of making their booties in flat saved them hours, I’ve also included a pattern for the boys! Be on the lookout for more fashionable booties and shoes for both mum and babies. To be the first to know, do subscribe to my email, link below.

Update: The Adult Version of the easy-breezy Pattern is now live. Check out the pattern here.

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Another plus to this design is that it works up fast and in no time, you are done making yourself many pairs.

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Easy to follow Crochet Booties Pattern worked in rows/flat to create a uniform and similar shape for your little one.
No need to worry about your tension, you are now covered.

For these Easy Baby Booties, you can use leftover yarn and make some happiness for the new bundle of joy.

Easy Crochet Booties Pattern, This fast technique would ensure an equal size and shape of booties. you do not need to worry about tension or having mismatch baby booties again.

Grab your copy of the booties (this includes the pretty in pink and bowtie booties) bundle on Ravelry here

Materials for the crochet baby booties

Yarn – Any Double knit (#3) weight yarn would do

Hook – 4.5 mm Crochet Hook

Tape Measure

Darning Needle

Easy Breezy Bow – Tie crochet booties Pattern on Ravelry

Buttons – 2 pieces (15 mm)

How easy is this pattern?

This is rated as an intermediate level in terms of its difficulties. Check out the Booties made by my testers on Ravelry

Easy crochet baby booties made in minutes!

Grab Pretty in Pink Crochet Baby Booties Pattern (Ravelry)

As with all my patterns, you are welcome to sell finished products but do not transfer the pattern(s). Tag me on social media with your finished baby booties.

Pretty in Blue on Ravelry

I would love to see your makes from these easy crochet baby booties made in minutes, share with me by tagging me on social media with #prettyinpink, #eassybrezzy #prettyinblue booties.

I can’t wait to see your beautiful makes! Come share your projects with me and the crochet community on Facebook and on Instagram.


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