It's time to make some amazing crochet cat hats using these collections of free patterns.

Crochet Cat Hat: 18 Free Patterns

It is time for some adventures in the land filled with your pets! I have gathered the best crochet cat hat-free patterns and am so excited to share these with you!

These best cat hat crochet patterns are super cute and easy to make, even for beginners. Irrespective of the season, there is a project for everyone.

Crochet Cat Hat Free Patterns

This roundup consists of 18 amazing projects. These patterns are grouped into different seasons to help you pick a hat for your hat. I hope you find something you love.

How to Crochet Cat Hats

Making your first Cat hat crochet pattern should be fun! Get your materials together and have a look at these collections of tiny hats.

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The Best Crochet Stitches For Cat Hats

To make hats for your pets, you need the basic crochet stitches! The good news is that it’s nothing complex. Most patterns listed below use either one or a combination of the following stitches:

Single crochet stitch

Half double crochet stitch

Double crochet stitch.

Selecting Yarns For Crochet Cat Hats

Crochet cat hats mostly use just a few yards of yarn, making them the perfect scrap-busting project. 99% of patterns in this round-up use worsted weight yarn (#4), and the remaining uses DK weight (#3).

You can accessories your cat hats with poms or add ties. But remember, safety first!

Crochet Cat Hat Patterns

I have gathered these amazing free crochet cat hat free patterns according to the season and festivities. I hope you love these projects.

Note: Just like normal human hats, cat hats have to fit. Some cats are a bit picky about wearing accessories. Remember not to force them to wear them. And be watchful so the cats do not harm you when you wear these crochet hats.

Christmas/Festive Crochet Cat Hat Free Patterns

Crochet Spring Cat Hat's

Crochet Summer Cat Hat Pattern

Crochet Cat Hat Perfect For Fall

Crochet Halloween Cat Hat Ideals

Crochet Winter Cat Projects

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