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How long does it take to complete a crochet Beanie?

How long does it take you to complete your crochet Beanie? I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked this question. The truth is, crochet beanies are fun to make, and they come in various forms and colors, yet most work up pretty quickly.

How long does it take to complete a beanie?

While there are numerous factors that affect how long it takes to complete a crochet beanie, it is estimated that it takes an average of 3 hours to complete an adult sized crochet beanie, and about 2 hours to complete a kid size crochet beanie.

Crochet beanies are fun and can be made in varying sizes and shapes. Crochet beanies also vary in terms of difficulties and techniques used. These variables affect the total length of time it takes to complete a crochet beanie.

The very first crochet beanie made took me about 1 week. It is a baby-sized beanie. It seems like forever to me, as I devoted about 5 hours a day to make this beanie.

Over the years, as I became more familiar with my crochet stitches and mastered my crochet tension, I discovered it takes far less time to complete a crochet beanie, In fact, I could complete one in a day!

I decided to ask my crochet follower on Facebook, Instagram, and my newsletter subscribers a series of questions to help make an informed decision on how much time it takes others to complete crochet beanies.

Twist to the Classic Crochet Beanie Pattern

The essence of this survey and a few others I did is to help beginners have an estimate of the duration it takes for certain crochet projects and also to highlight the progress others have made.

The other breakdown from the survey are

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It is intriguing going through their responses and collating this data! I discovered that they all had various things that affect how much time it takes to complete a crochet beanie

Factors that affect how much time it takes to complete a crochet beanie

A. Level of the crocheter – You might be familiar with various terms used in referring to how much experience someone has when it comes to crocheting. These terms range from Beginner crocheter to Intermediate crocheter to Experienced crocheter and even Advanced crocheter.

Of all the amazing ladies that took my sampling, 57.1% of them are beginner crocheters while just less than 1% classify themself as experienced crocheters.

How long does it takes to complete a crochet blanket

The essence of this is to show you that a large majority of the factor that determines how much time is needed to make a crochet beanie is largely determined by the amount of experience such a person has crocheting.

B. Amount of time spent crocheting per day – The more time you have to spare each day would affect the total length of time used in making the beanie.

In the survey done, I asked crocheters if the amount of time they spend daily crocheting a beanie affects the total time it takes to complete their beanie and the pie chart below shows their response.

If there are 2 people with the same variables (pattern, experience, yarn, and hook) but each spending a different length of time per day making a crochet beanie, the person with the highest amount of time per day would finish first.

How long does it takes to complete a crochet a sweater

A large percentage (85.7%) of them ascribed that daily time spent affects the total time. See my PRO tips for crocheting faster below.

C. Yarn weight used for your crochet beanie– The thicker the yarn, the faster it is to complete your crochet beanies. When talking about the weight of yarn, thinner yarn like sport, fingering weight yarn would take far more time to complete a beanie than when making one with a worsted or chunky weight yarn.

Truth is, just as there are numerous brands, weights, and compositions of yarn it would take varying amounts of time to complete a beanie because of the multiple compositions.

The rule of thumb is that if you want a crochet beanie in a couple of minutes, make sure to use the heaviest yarn and the biggest hook you have at hand!

How about the duration it takes to complete a beanie when using a fuzzy yarn?

So many crocheters do not like crocheting with fuzzy yarn as it is somewhat difficult to see your stitches. When crocheting with fuzzy yarn, there is really no point stressing yourself with complex stitches as these kinds of yarn would not show the stitches.

Why not have a read at my 22 plus PRO tips for crocheting with fuzzy yarns? These would help improve your crocheting speed and the time it would take you to complete a beanie when using fuzzy yarns.

Tips on how to crochet with Fuzzy, faux fur and eyelash yarn like a pro

D. Type of Crochet stitch(es) used in making your beanies – Simple crochet stitches produces a complete beanie in no time. The simpler the stitch used, the faster it is to crochet as you easily master the repeats in the pattern.

E. The size of the beanie – It is easier and faster to complete a preemie beanie than an adult sizes beanie. When crocheting for charity which I love doing, I find that I could complete 4 preemie hats in the same length of time it takes to complete an adult-sized hat using the same yarn, hook, and pattern.

PRO tips for crocheting a beanie much faster

  1. Relax and take it a stitch at a time – I know this is not what you want to read but it would help you to crochet faster. When under pressure, it takes longer to complete a crochet project.
  2. Start with a simpler crochet pattern – Crochet patterns tagged for beginners are a perfect place to start. These patterns are written for someone who is just beginning their crochet journey and use easy stitches. Most times, these patterns do not require any adjustments as such, you do not need to increase or decrease the dimensions of your hat.
  3. Go for the heavier weight of yarn – Examples include any yarn tagged worsted weight (aran), chunky or bulky weight yarn. These type of yarns makes for a quicker project and in no time, you would have your completed hat.
  4. Use appropriate hook size for the yarn – Crochet hooks are labeled according to their sizes. The bigger the hook, the higher the number on it. 2 mm and 5 mm crochet hooks mean that the 6 mm crochet hook is bigger than the 2 mm crochet hook.
  5. Set goals – Decide how much time you have to spare each day and stick to it.

PDFs of the crochet sweaters in this post can be seen on Ravelry.

I hope this post has been an eye-opener for how long it takes to complete a beanie. I would love to know the estimated time it takes you to complete your own crochet beanie.

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