Infinity Crochet scarf free pattern

Florence Infinity Crochet scarf Pattern

Infinity crochet scarf is a beautiful and long scarf made in the rounds. Think about a wider cowl, that is how an infinity scarf looks.

Infinity crochet scarf is usually made in one piece with no sewing needed. Infinity scarfs comes in various texture, and you could pick from the variety of crochet stitches to make yours.

It is a great honor to have Pam here on the blog again with her beautiful Florence crochet infinity scarf.

If you haven’t seen her designs before, you should definitely check them out here. Her Iris crochet lace top, Phyllis crochet cardigan dress and this beautiful rectangular scarf are all available as a free pattern here on the blog.

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Inspiration for the Florence infinity crochet scarf

I am very excited to share another pattern on Susanna’s blog. Thank you, Susanna, for giving me another opportunity. This is my 4th pattern that you have so graciously given me the opportunity to guest host. My other shared patterns include the Phyllis Chic Cardigan Dress, Iris Lace Summer Top, and Elima Lace Scarf.

It has been my dream for a long time to design and make a pattern using any purplish and off-white yarn together. I finally got to do just that when I got the opportunity to guest host. I did not have a particular pattern in mind, but I knew that I wanted a simple and quick pattern that you can make on the go without having to carry a pattern around. After trying several patterns, I decided this was it.

This is a two-row pattern that works out really quick. You can make it with one color or multiple colors of yarn, and it will still come out beautifully. You can also use any yarn weight depending on what season you prefer to use it. I used a worsted weight yarn, and the scarf can be used comfortably in fall, winter, and spring. It is lightweight, yet warm and cozy.

This scarf is worked in rows as a regular scarf and then the short sides are sewn together to make it an infinity scarf. This allows you to customize and make it to your desired length. 

As with most of my scarves, I name them after my cousins, Florence being one of them.

Skill Level



I used Big Twist Value 100% Acrylic 380 yds (347 m), 6 oz (170 g) in Lilac and Ivory. I have used this yarn before and love how the projects turn out so soft and gentle to the skin.  

Comparable yarns to Big Twist Value Yarn are Premier Yarns Just Tweed, Herrschners Worsted 8, Bernat Super Value, Loops & Threads Impeccable, and Big Twist Yarns Heather.

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Materials needed for this Infinity Crochet scarf Pattern

Big Twist Value 100% Acrylic 380 yds (347 m), 6 oz (170 g) in 

Lilac (Color A) – 260 yds (238 m).

Ivory (Color B) – 244 yds (223 m)

Hook 4 mm (G) or size needed to obtain gauge

Tape Measure

Tapestry Needle


 Florence Infinity Crochet scarf Pattern


4 bobbles x 6 rows = 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm)

Please make a swatch (I tend to make my stitches tighter)

Finished Measurements

63” long x 11” wide


Ch(s) – chain(s)

St – stitch

Sc – single crochet

Dc – double crochet

Sk – skip

Ch-sp – chain space

V st – (dc, ch 3, dc) in same st or ch

Special st

Bobble – (Yo, insert hook in next st, yo, draw yarn through st and up to level of work) 4 times in same st, yo, draw yarn through 9 loops on hook.


  • The pattern uses US Standard Terms
  •  Ch 3 at the beginning of the row counts as a st for the scarf
  • You can either carry over or cut yarn as you go then weave in ends when you finish. (I cut mine).

Pattern Instructions for the Infinity Crochet scarf Pattern

Using Color A, ch 53

Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook, *sk 3 chs, V-st in next ch, rep from * to to last 5 chs, sk 3 chs, dc each in last 2 chs, turn (11 V-sts, 4 dc).

Row 2: ch 3, dc in next st, ch 4, sc between the st just worked in and next V-st, ch 4, *bobble in ch-sp, ch 4, sc between V-st just worked in and next V-st, ch 4, rep from, * to last 2 sts, dc in each st to end, turn (11 bobbles, 22 chs, 4 dc).

Row 3: ch 3, dc in next st, *sk next 2 ch-4s and st, V-st in bobble, to last 2 sts, dc each in last 2 sts, turn.

Row 4: ch 3, dc in next st, ch 4, sc between the st just worked in and next V-st, ch 4, *bobble in ch-sp, ch 4, sc between V-st just worked in and next V-st, ch 4, rep from, * to last 2 sts, dc in each st to end, turn (11 bobbles, 22 chs, 4 dc).

Change to Color B

Rows 5- 88: rep rows 3 & 4 changing yarn every 4 rows

Row 89: ch 1, sc in first 2 sts, *ch 3, sc in bobble st, rep from * to last st, sc in last st.

Using a sl st, join the scarf to the beginning of the scarf to form a circle. 

Fasten off and weave in ends and turn right side out.


Fasten off leaving about 12” of yarn

Using the tapestry needle, thread the yarn through the needle and sew the 2 short ends together. Weave in ends.

Ever wondered how to wear an infinity crochet scarf?

Crochet infinity scarf can be worn in numerous ways and makes a beautiful addition to any outfit.

It could be worn as a cowl or neck warmer

You could wear yours as a hooded cowl

Some have even suggested that infinity scarfs can be worn as a vest!

There is no end to human imagination! You can also check out another scarf design that can be styled in numerous ways here

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