Frogging in crochet the best tips to help you frog without stress.

Frogging in Crochet – Everything you need to know

Frogging in crochet is one of the many jargons used by crocheters. Isn’t it nice that we get to communicate with each other using words that make no sense to other?

One of the most common thing that happens to projects is to unravel at least one or more stitches. This article is aimed at showing you how to frog your project effortlessly.

While there are no hard and fast rules to how to frog in crochet, there are tips to help you frog without stress. But there could be a wrong way to doing this, in order to prevent damaging the yarn fiber and also your precious project, this article shows various practical steps to frogging in crochet.

If you are new to the crochet community, you might have heard people talking about frogging.

Frogging in crochet is the term used when you have to undo or unravel or rip out an already worked crochet project.

Frogging is one of the words that when it is used, means some precious hours and time spent crocheting has just gone down the drain. It is not particularly a pleasant word to use.

Just like every process of growth, the end result is usually better when sacrifices are made along the way. Frogging seems to be one of the sacrifices needed for a better good.

Has there been a time when you notice an error in your project? Might even be a few stitches back sadly, might be that you have completely misunderstood the whole pattern and have made the error from the very first row!

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When this happens, one is usually left with just two options, either to abandon the project completely or undo the stitches back to where the error is spotted. When you do this, it simply means that you have just frogged your project.

Why the term frog? Some have speculated that the term frog in crochet came into use as frog makes the sound of “rip-it” and “rip-it” and that when you say these words faster, it sounds like frog 🐸!

Why do people frog their crochet projects?

There are numerous reasons why one frog in crochet. Keep in mind that there no right or wrong answers to this question. But people frog their crochet projects due to many reasons which includes

  1. To undo a mistake – Sometimes, you notice an error few stitches or rows back. To fix the error, you would have to undo the other stitches back.
  2. Frogging can be done when you do not love the look of the project. This might be the way the colors look together or the way the stitches look.
  3. To reclaim and re-purpose old yarn – This is such a cool concept, you can re use old yarn, that have been previously used in making a project. This is a cheap alternative especially when you do not have any intention to use the initial project. You can carefully unravel the old project and wind up the yarn nicely to re use it.
  4. You might also frog when you change your mind about a project or for any other reasons.
  5. Some yarn are difficult to crochet with, for some, they get frustrated when making a project with certain yarn and can decide to frog the project.

Frogging in crochet – best practice and tips

Make sure to pull straight down from the base of the stitches – This prevent adding too much tension on the fiber and makes it easier.

Do not pull too hard

For a perfect frogging, you need to get the necessary and correct tools to help with winding the yarn smoothly with no tension on the fiber.

Tools that should be ready available when you want to frog a large piece of project include – spool and winder.

Do not forget to immediately take care of any mess or tangles made immediately

Make sure not to make your ball too tense when winding up the frogged yarn. This would keep the tension similar and make the yarn useful for subsequent projects.

Challenges or difficulties when frogging in crochet.

There are certain yarn that pose a great challenge and are difficult to undo the stitches. Example include – mohair yarn and roving (single ply) yarns.

Solution – make sure to frog projects made using mohair yarn or roving yarn as soon as possible. Frogging immediately prevents unnecessary stress and damage to the project.

When the original stitches used are difficult.

What to do with the yarn gathered after Frogging?

  • Re use it – This can be done in various ways. You could wind it into a new ball or skein. You could also decide to start a new project immediately, this way, you frog a row and crochet a row of the new project.
  • Keep the yarn for a totally new and different project.
  • Change the color of the yarn – You could even dye the yarn into a totally different color and make fabulous projects with it.
  • Gift the yarn to others.

Tips to do to prevent Frogging your next project

Read through the pattern before you start – This gives you a ear idea of what the designer is trying to communicate.

This also help you to familiarize yourself with the pattern. You get to know if you are crocheting in rows or in round. Reading ahead gives you a clear view of what is expected as you crochet.

Pick the correct size and know the measurement you are expected to have

Check the gauge before starting – Don’t try to be reckless! Checking your gauge takes off a whole lot of unnecessary pressure and stress. You become familiar with the stitch pattern and hopefully, you won’t have too many issues making the real project.

Count at regular intervals – of you can’t keep up with every row/round, make sure to pause and count after few rows/rounds.

Use stitch markers if you have difficulty with keeping up with large numbers of stitches. Place the stitch markers at intervals. This makes counting your stitches easier.

Inspect your project often! You might be able to spot any error on-time, before you might have gone too far.

Re purposing yarn when frogging

First and most important thing to keep in mind when frogging your crochet projects is to repurpose the yarn. To do these, make sure to wind the yarn immediately.

By re purposing the yarn, this means winding the yarn to prevent it from tangling. You do not need to make any new project immediately, the yarn can be used at a later date.

In conclusion, frogging in crochet is when you have to undo already made stitch or stitches due to errors or many other reasons. The yarn should be repurpose into making another project. Do you have another method that you have tested when frogging your crochet makes? not discussed?

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