Crocheting around an elastic band

How to crochet around an elastic band

Have you ever wondered how to crochet around an elastic band? If you have, this article is intended to help you with tips that makes crocheting around an elastic band so easy- easier than you could have imagined.

Crochet ear warmers and many other crochet projects like crochet tubes and tongs would benefit with some degree of elasticity. The ability to crochet with an elastic thread or around an elastic band is life changing!

With some of my crochet designs are projects that can be styled in multiple ways, some of these requires a little stretch in order to be able to style these garments/accessories.

The very first time I made a project using an elastic band,

Why would you crochet around an elastic band?

We crochet around an elastic band for so many reasons, part of which includes

  1. For elasticity – Certain crochet projects requires elasticity, that is the ability to stretch and return back to it’s previous shape.
  2. For easy usage of the project – Some crochet projects benefits from a certain amount of stretch to accommodate different shapes and sizes.

Imagine a crochet skirt or dress with negative ease and also without any form of shape, it would be challenging to wear this garment easily especially when the yarn used do not have any form of elasticity in it.

To prevent against this from happening, you want certain parts such as the waist or hip or neckline to have some stretch added. To achieve this, you either use a yarn with some degree of elasticity or use an elastic band.

Projects that benefit form elastic bands

Any crochet project that requires certain degree of elasticity would benefit from an elastic band. Can you imagine how stress free it would be to make an elastic ear warmer, or an elastic tutu style skirt? The tutorial and tip sin this article would get you going with any type of projects that requires elasticity.

I have used elastic band in few of my projects, these includes –

Crochet dress

Crochet skirts

Crochet beanies – especially the brim

Crochet ear warmers / head warmers with or without ponytail opening

Types of elastic bands used in crocheting

Round elastic hair bands (cords)- These are the common bands that are used in packing the hair in ponytails. The diameter and thickness varies.

Wide woven elastic band – Comes in different widths and lengths, I have used ⅛, ½, and 1” thickness. This also comes in multiple colors.

Elastic treads – This can be mistaken for the common sewing threads and usually similar width with sport weight yarn.

All the above examples comes in varying colors and width.

How to crochet around an elastic band – in rounds

Get your materials ready – Basically, you would need just a few materials listed below

Elastic thread/band



Darning needle and sewing thread (Optional)

Here is a video showing how I crochet around an elastic band in round

Step 1: Pick up your elastic band, yarn and hook. Make a slip knot with yarn around the elastic band

Step 2: With your crochet hook, chain 1

Step 3: Single crochet evenly around the elastic band. Note that you can opt for half double crochet or even double crochet. But to prevent the elastic band from showing when stretched too much, single crochet is preferred.

When using half double crochet = Yarn over your hook, insert your yarn into the elastic band, yarn round hook, pull up a loop, yarn round hook and pull through the 3 loops on hook at once.

Repeat this process until you have completely covered all the the elastic band with stitches.

Crocheting around an elastic band – in rows

Secure/sew the ends of the elastic band tightly.

The steps are similar with when working with an elastic band in rounds. However, you need to properly secure the ends of your elastic band.

When using a wider elastic band, make sure to pull up your stitches to accommodate the height of your band.

How to crochet with an elastic band

Some crochet project would need to be made with an elastic band through out. some years ago, when I designed the Chic reversible dress the sleeve opening was a bit too wide. I could not risk frogging the dress, so I opted for a round with an elastic thread.

Truth is, it was a game changer for me. I got so many colors and still brainstorming on things to make with these.

To crochet with an elastic band is actually so easy. I found using similar colors as with the yarn, except you want a multicolored look.

Step 1: Crocheting with both the yarn and the thread together through out – Chain 10

Step 2: Hdc in the 3rd chain from hook and in each chain across, turn

Step 3: Ch 2, hdc in each st across, turn

Continue the repeats, crocheting throughout with both yarn and elastic thread until you have your desired length.

When crocheting with an elastic thread, you can use any crochet stitches and also work in either rounds or in rows.

Cons to crocheting with an elastic band

  1. Limited availability of colors – This is important when you want to ”hide” the elastic thread within the yarn.
  2. Crocheting with an elastic thread can be expensive for a very large crochet project.
  3. Your project tends to curl when combining yarn with a thread. To prevent this from happening – use a bigger crochet hook or loosen up your tension.

Tips for crocheting with an elastic thread

Make sure to loosen up your tension. With a high tension, your finished project tends to curl.

In conclusion, either you are crocheting with or around an elastic band or thread, make sure to loosen up your tension and if possible make your elastic band/thread with your yarn.

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