37 Free Crochet Beanies to make this Fall

There is something satisfying with a beautifully made crochet Beanie. I am a fan of customizable crochet Beanie especially those with many sizes to choose from. I have gathered more than 37 crochet beanies, most of which are free by my Favorite designers to make your internet surfing much easier. I have grouped them in 3’s, with the names, pattern links just below each set of 3 pictures.

Most of the Patterns in this round-up are Totally FREE!!!

For those who make Crochet Gifts items for their loved ones in Winter or as Christmas Gifts, you’d find some super quick beanies here. As for those who are preparing for craft fairs, you are in the right place also!

This Beautiful Textured beanie by Desert Bloom is a one-skein pattern that works up quickly! Get the Free Pattern here

The Second is another 1 skein Beanie Pattern to make in Fall. Getting ready for markets or making some Christmas gifts for Loved ones, this free beanie pattern would be your go-to. Here is the pattern.

Hope lives Chemo Hat is a free pattern that also works up super fast and in no time, you have a hat as a gift to those undergoing chemotherapy. Here is the pattern link.

Beanie - Free Pattern

Easy Breezy Beanie is one of my quick make crochet beanies in different sizes. Check here for the pattern

Quick free Beanie pattern

Twist to the classic beanie is another beautiful free pattern here on my blog. Check out the quick tutorial here

The Pebble Beanie is one that uses chunky yarn and works up fast with beautiful Textures. Here is the link to the free pattern.
The second is the real bobble beanie with beautiful Diamond shape bobbles. Here is the Link to the pattern.

I’ve always loved designs that can be styled in different ways, here are 3 different hats that can be worn as a beanie Click here for the pattern.

Meet the Alpine Dreams Beanie! This is another beautiful beanie with great Texture and you can never go wrong with the colors. check out the free pattern here.

The Diamond Beanie is a premium Beanie pattern and easy to customize. Get the pattern here

Now to the 6th Crochet Beanie Pattern which is also designed by Courtney. This one is a quick make and in no time, you would be done making one or two Beanies!. Get the Free Pattern Here.

Don’t you just love the Texture in this white crochet beanie? Don’t be fooled, you can make this beanie in any to the color. Here is the link to the Paid Pattern

Another Beginner friendly beanie to make this Fall is is beautiful beanie by Ashley. Don’t you just love how she has combined black beautifully with the red and white? Get the free pattern here.

Have you ever made a messy bun hat before? You should check out this free pattern here!

With Christmas Just around few months away, you can make the Dancing Snowflakes Beanie which is a free pattern here

Don’t you just love the Crisscross on the Brim of this beanie? Get the premium pattern here.

The Aeipathy Beanie is one of my Favorite, just take a look at the beautiful Bobbles made! Here is the link to the Free Pattern.

Now, the colors in this beanie screams make me! I just have to make one in those beautiful colors. Get the free pattern here.

Another Messy bun hat to make is this colorful, textured beanie. Get the free Pattern here.

The Argylr Beanie is one with a beautiful, delicate look that would complement any shape. Get the Pattern here

How beautiful is this Heart shape Beanie? Get the pattern here.

Lovely Candy Cane Beanie in beautiful colors. Get the Free Pattern here.

Have you ever made a hat using Velvet yarn? The Velvet Twist would be good to try out. Here is the Pattern.

Next on the List is this Double Brim Hat that Looks great in all colors. Get the Premium pattern here.

If you are looking for a Double Brim Beanie, you should check this free Beanie out. Here is the Link.

Here is the Perfect Bulky #5 weight hat, I love that I can make this in few minutes. Get the free pattern here.

The First is the Samantha Hat Pattern, it has a lot of touching stories as inspiration. You should read it here. The second is an easy to wip crochet beanie also available by Sunflower cottage crochet too. Get the second Pattern here. Don’t you just love this mummy and me beanie/cowl set? Here is the Pattern link. You also get a discount for purchasing any of the 3 patterns use “Fosbas”

More Crochet Beanies to check out;

The PapioCreek Rib Beanie is one of the quick makes and beginner friendly pattern. Here is the Link tot he paid Pattern.

The next Free Beanie is one with multiple sizing options and would make a beautiful family hat. Here is the Link to the Pattern.

Have you made a slouch hat before? Check out this cute pattern here.

The men are not left out! Here is a perfect Hat for the men in your life. Get the paid pattern here.

Also, this pattern can pass as a hat for Men! here is the paid pattern. If you’ve never made a beanie using Waffle stitch, you need to try this.

This is the perfect messy bun/Slouch Hat. This free pattern is easy to customize, Click here for the pattern.

the last sets of Beanies in this round up post includes the followings;

The survivor – Fighter Beanie Hat pattern – I feel we all need this especially after all the Chaos 2020 has in it. Check the pattern out here.

This is the perfect beanie if you are looking for Texture! check out the Elmview Beanie a free pattern here.

The Mariella lace Slouch Hat is perfect in all shades. It is also a free pattern on Sincerely Pam’s Blog. Here is the Pattern link.

Have you tried the Brioche Crochet technique before? You would be glued with the step by step tutorial in this pattern, Check it out here.

I hope you were able to get some awesome patterns from this round up of 37 Free Crochet Beanies to make this Fall? Be on the lock out for more fall appropriate pattern round ups in the weeks to come.

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