Crochet shawl pattern

20 Free Crochet Shawls to make this fall

Crochet shawls are simply the perfect way to spice up any dress!

With the weather gradually changing, it’s time to make one or more crochet shawl(s) to keep you warm on cool evenings.

I have gathered beautiful crochet shawls from various talented crochet designers and hope you love these shawls as much as I do.

These shawls vary in the level of difficulty and as such, you get to pick accordingly.

Growing up, I thought Shawls are for middle-aged women because my mum would always wear one. But recently, I have developed a soft spot for beautiful shawls. This is why I have put together 20 free crochet shawls to make this fall.

This post has 20 beautiful shawls you can make this fall for yourself or as gift to the beautiful women in your live.

20 Free Crochet Shawls to make this fall using your best yarns. #crochetshawl #easy crochetshawlpattern

Can we start with the Broom stick Shawl? This free Shawl Pattern would flatter any lady. Here is the Pattern

Now to the List of the crochet shawls to make this fall, I’m starting the the free ones.

Can we start with the Broom stick Shawl? This free Shawl Pattern would flatter any lady. Here is the Pattern

Secondly, this lacy shawl is perfect for fall especially when layering. Click here for the free pattern.

The Aspen Shawl is a true beauty and long enough to wrap you so much you feel wrapped in Love, that is love from your labor. Here is the pattern.

If you love a large shawl that can double as a wrap, then you should check out this beauty here.

With everyone making a pocket shawl, here is a cozy shawl with beautiful pockets

The Sunrise Chevron Wrap will give you the opportunity to learn how to make two foundation chains while making a foundation double crochet 2 together. Click Here for the Pattern.

Another beautiful free pattern to check out especially when you want to use up your stash is this beauty right here.

The Blossom wrap is the just the perfect rectangular wrap for fall, click here for the free pattern.

I particularly love this Infinity Scarf with multiple colors and It would be a great use of my stash. The free pattern is here.

Another Free Triangular shawl Shawl is the Once in a Blue Moon shawl beautifully adorned with Big tassels. You can make one using this pattern.

The Avaline Shawl is one of my favorite because of the holes to hold it in place. If you have always struggled with your scarf staying in place, you would love this free pattern here.

Have you made one of the virus shawls? Here’s one beautifully done with detailed instruction. You can click here for the free pattern

Few months ago, I saw this beautiful scallop shawl with detailed stitches and knew I have to make myself One. Check out the beautiful shawl pattern here.

With the weather getting cooler, this shawl would be good for fall. I particularly love simple lacy look to this. Here is the pattern.

The Euphoria shawl is a simple but detailed one that even the beginner would love to make one. Check out the Euphoria shawl here.

Tela crochet shawl is one full of class and made by repeating the basic rows. Here is the pattern.

Have you ever made a mummy and me shawl? I haven’t, partly because I don’t have a girl (lol). But if you have little girls and would love to twin with them, then check out this pattern.

There’s something about this next pattern, it might be from the name – Hope Endures Prayer Shawl or the beautiful delicate stitches in it. Just check it out here.

20 Free Crochet Shawls to make this fall using your best yarns. #crochetshawl #easy crochetshawlpattern

Paid shawl patterns

Seeing this Scarf has detailed color work and would be a great one to add to your wardrobe. Check out the pattern here

The Rubby’s shawl is beautiful, full of Texture and Light weight. Funny how a pattern can have all the best features I always look forward to in a shawl. Check it here.

You might also love to check these shawls that can be styled in different ways.

Falcon Wings shawl

Pretty in Purple Shawl

I hope you love the compilation of the crochet shawls for fall, you can also check out 37 beanie patterns here

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