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28+ Crochet Gifts for Men

Are you constantly searching for the best crochet gifts for men? I have diligently gathered the BEST crochet patterns that are the perfect gifts for men.

Finding crochet gifts for men does not sound difficult until you start to think about what to make and in what colors.

This task sometimes becomes challenging when you start to think and hope they don’t look feminine and seriously hope the crochet gifts have the perfect masculine touch.

This post is not meant to segregate any gender. It is meant to give some inspiration for anyone wanting to make crochet gifts items for men, as seeing projects styled by different people makes picturing the look much easier. The truth is the patterns listed below can be used by any gender.

How about color choices when it comes to crocheting gifts items for men?

Making crochet gifts items for the male can be daunting if you do not know the colors the recipient would appreciate. While some people would go with not so bright colors in different combinations.

Others might prefer using neutral colors in their various shades. Whatever colors you decide to go with, when it is well thought of and combined appropriately (when using more than one color), the finished project mostly come out beautiful.

Crochet gifts ideas for men

These crochet gift ideas for men range from the common stuff such as crocheted hats for men to men’s crochet scarves patterns. Crochet sippers, crochet sweaters, and crochet blankets for men are not out of place. The list is endless. Going on and on, one would definitely find beautiful items to crochet for men.

To have a look at the range of patterns that can be made as gifts for men, I have included the following designs in this roundup –

  • Crochet hats for men
  • Crochet gloves for men
  • Crochet scarves for men
  • Crochet slippers for men
  • Crochet sweaters/cardigans/pullovers for men
  • Crochet blankets for men.
  • Crochet mittens/fingerless gloves
  • Crochet remote control pouch

I am pretty sure you would find one or two ideas of what to crochet for men in this post. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Crochet Gifts for Men – Crochet Scarves

I love that crochet scarves for men are pretty easy, as these are pretty straightforward in terms of design and the colors and do not pose too many challenges.

There are some commonly asked questions when it comes to making crochet items for men. One of such is id the dimension of crochet scarves.

How long should crochet scarves for men be?

Generally, there is no hard-fast rule as to the length of crochet scarves for men. As a rule of thumb, crochet scarves for men should be as long as the height of the intended user. Adding a few inches to this can also be an option.

How wide should crochet scarves for men be?

The width of crochet scarves varies. And this depends on so many factors, which vary from the type of yarn, season, intended use, textures, and so on. Some other times, the pattern (design) itself would be the determining factor as to how wide a scarf should be. It is advised to make your scarf as wide as you are comfortable with the bulk around your neck.

Ultimate lists of best crochet scarves for men

  1. Crochet rectangular scarf tops the list. The beautiful texture in this scarf makes it perfect for men – This free crochet scarf was specifically designed for men and can be made in colors of your choice. The detailed free crochet scarf pattern has stepwise instructions with photos and even video tutorials for the stitches used. You would not be left hanging when you are making yours.

Designer – Aara by Dina

Yarn suggestions – Any Fingering/Sport weight yarn can be used for this scarf pattern

Crochet Scarf Pattern

2. Men’s Double-wrap infinity scarf pattern is the next on the list, and it is the perfect pattern to learn Tunisian crochet. The knit look alike stitch used in this scarf makes it perfect for men. This scarf measure 10″ (25 cm) by 54″ (138 cm)You would need an 8.0-mm (L/11 USA, 0 UK) Tunisian Crochet Hook with a Wire Extension or a 12″ (30 cm) Long and Worsted (4, Medium) Weight Yarn. Suggested yarn – KnitPicks Mighty Stitch.

Designer – Raffamusa Designs

crochet scarf for men

3. Monochromatic men’s scarf This neutral-colored scarf is the perfect project for any beginner crocheter who wishes to make a simple yet elegant scarf for men. This crochet men’s scarf is about 8” x 77” not including fringe. It uses worsted weight/Aran #4 yarn, Red Heart Super Saver in 3 different colors.

Designer – Golden Lucy Crafts

4. Alpine Stitch Scarf Crochet Pattern For Men has beautiful stripes which makes it perfect for men. This scarf is customizable and you can decide to make it in either of the 3 different lengths provided. It measures 5.5” (Width) by 60 (73, 87) in length. Yarn – Worsted weight yarn made using Lion Brand Heartland.

Designer – Desert Blossom Crafts

5. The Brookside Scarf is a premium pattern that uses a worsted weight yarn Vanna’s Choice and measures 67” L x 11.5” W (170 cm L x 29 cm W)

Designer – Kristen Caldwell

men's crochet scarf pattern

6. Bandana Scarf has this beautiful and uncommon shape. I love the design and it looks so cute as a croche scarf for men. Finished measurement = 205 cm length x 10 cm width, yarn Yarn – Worsted weight (#4), the prototype was made using vidalana celestial by knitcrate.

Designer – @blue star crochet

7. The Crochet Easy Man Scarf Pattern is true to its name. It’s indeed a simple yet classic crochet scarf. It’s a perfect pattern as you get to know your finished length just by the number of foundation chains. looks like the perfect crochet gift for a gentleman. It measures 6.5” (17 cm) wide 72.5” (184 cm) in length and is made using and Worsted weight (#4) in Stylecraft Aran. Designer – @selinaveronique

Crochet gifts ideas for men

8. Crochet knit look alike ribbed scarf is another classic crochet scarf perfect design to be added to the lists of crochet gifts for men. This scarf measures 60 inches in length and is 7.75 inches wide and can be made using any Worsted weight yarn. Designer – Toyslab Creation

9. The cool Ombre crochet men’s scarf – A beautiful scarf that is a cool texture for men. Made using just a skein of and measures 6” x 55” (15cm x 140cm). Designer – @My Crochet Space

Crochet Gifts for Men – Crochet Beanies

Twist to the classic hat – is a one skein hat worked in flat, making this crochet hat pretty easy to customize. Yarn Worsted weight yarn.

Designer – Morine Crochets.

Twist to the Classic Crochet Beanie Pattern

2. The Highlands Beanie The bottom-up crochet beanie works up pretty quickly and perfect gift idea for men. This beanie looks great in a solid color or you could try a variegated yarn. Yarn – Worsted weight yarn. The finished hat measures 22” in circumference.

Designer Carroway Crochet

3. The reversible crochet men’s beanie It’s no news that I love reversible designs. This beautiful beanie is no exception. Yarn – Any worsted weight (size 4) would be perfect for this pattern. yarn Designer @onelittlehook

4. The Brookside Beanie is one with beautiful stitches. The texture makes sit a must-add to the list of croche gifts for men if you ask me. This beautiful hat pattern comes in multiple sizes – Child (3-5 yrs), Child (6-10 yrs), Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large. The pattern is designed using worsted weight yarn, with the prototype made in Venna’s choice.

Designer – Kristen Caldwell

5. How about a Single Crochet Mens Beanie Pattern – This looks squishy, would be an amazing crochet gift idea for men. Made using Bernat Velvet Yarn a bulky weight yarn. It is made to fit Fit head circumference of 22-23 (24-25, 26)”

Designer – Desert Blossom Crafts

6. The Boston Slouch is such a super cute beanie that is also easy to customize. This fitted slouch hat has a nice drape! Designed using sport weight yarn with a simple stitch combo to create the texture and look! Yarn – Brava sport from Knit Picks.

Designer – Two Brothers Blanket

7. Knit look-alike crochet beanie is the perfect match with the similar scarf listed above. The hat is worked flat and has a beautiful elastic feel making it the perfect crochet project specifically as a gift for men. This is one size fits most, and super easier to adjust. Yarn = Worsted weight yarn

Designer – Toyslab Creation

How about ear-warmers for men? The Afton Men’s Ear Warmer would keep the ears pretty warm. This warmer has a good stretch to it, making it easy to put on. It measures 4.25” wide by 22” around. Yarn = Uses Superfine Yarn, the prototype made using Lion Brand Merino Silk Cotton. Designer – Stitching Together

Men’s Jumbo Crochet Blanket This super cozy blanket not only works up quickly but also looks pretty masculine. Yarn – Bernat Blanket Extra Yarn.

This blanket is available in 5 different sizes with the following measurements.

Lapghan: 45” by 50” 

Throw: 60” by 72”

Twin: 68” by 86”

Full: 78” by 86”

Queen: 90” by 90” 

King: 104” by 92”

Designer – Desert Blossom Crafts

2. Tranquility Dawn Blanket – This easy crochet blanket uses a combination of different crochet stitches and also comes in 5 different sizes using worsted weight. Designer – Fosbas Designs.

Crochet Blanket

Other crochet gift ideas that can be made for the male gender include the following

Crochet Wall Hangings for men

Wall hangings are so classy and add beauty to any space placed.

These can be any design and can be made using any pattern – like adding flowers, landscapes, or even portraits. The concept of making a crochet wall hanging for men is amazing as it gives a unique touch.

Daisy-inspired crochet wall hanging for men – This crochet wall hanging is perfect for any male that loves flowers in different forms. This pattern uses any DK weight yarn in the color of your choice. This wall hanging would make a beautiful gift to that special man.

Designer – Esraariyad Designs

Crochet Wall Hanging

2. Conner’s ridge crochet wall hanging – Bring the adventurous life closer to you. This cute wall hanging would fit any space in which it is placed. This wall hanging would fit perfectly as a gift for a teenager as well as anybody. Finished measurement – 15″ by 21.5″It also has an option to add fringes and a chart for the colors used.

Yarn – This pattern uses a bulky weight yarn with the prototype made from WeCrochet Brava Bulky yarn.

Designer – @High Desert Yarn

Crochet Slippers are cool gift ideas for men!

Crafty Hoho Slippers – These perfect crochet slippers have tons of instructions to help you make a pair. Yarn – Super chunky yarn, prototype was made using Bernat blanket yarn, which makes this pair super squishy.

Designer – @Acrafty Concept

2. The Bunny crochet slipper pattern is another size-inclusive slipper perfect for indoors. Yarn – Designed with worsted weight yarn. This can be made using any colors of your choice.

Designer – @fosbas Designs.

Crochet Slippers

More crochet gifts ideas for men include crochet mittens.

The Basic Men’s Mittens is a super adorable design that works up pretty quickly. Yarn – Made using chunky weight yarn, the prototype is made with Patons Classic Wool Roving in Gray. The finished measurement is about 9″ hand circumference, which fits an average man’s hand.

Designer – @Love Life Yarn

2. Thermal Fingerless Gloves This easy crochet pattern is quick and petty easy to make. It’s perfect for days when you need to retain the functions of your fingers. Finished measurement – This fingerless glove is graded in 3 different sizes -Small – 8″, Medium – 8.5″, Large – 9″

Designer @Kickin Crochet

Another beautiful mitten is this two-colored mitten, this cute glove uses Interlocking Crochet Method and can be made in colors of your choice. Yarn – uses Worsted Weight yarn. The beautiful ribbing in this glove makes it pretty stretchy and allows for ease of usage. Finished measurement – 23 cm hand circumference x 24 cm length from top of fingers to cuff.

Designer – @Blue Star Crochet

Other crochet items that can be made as gifts for men.

Crochet Glasses case pouch – This beauty comes in handy as a quick make and uses just a few yardages. Perfect for days that quick gifts are

Designer @Jo To The World.

Remote holder crochet pattern This unique gift item comes in pretty handy for some comfy Netflix movies. This design was made using worsted weight, medium (4).

Finished measure – 14” (36 cm) x 9” (23 cm)

Designer – @Jo To The World.

Crochet sweaters for men

The Dude’s crochet sweater is a matching design for father and son. This design comes in multiple sizes from kids through Adult sizes and uses worsted weight yarn.

Designer – @Two Brother’s Blankets.

Tranquility Sweater is another size-inclusive design that can be made in colors of your choice. This design uses worsted weight yarn and comes in 9 different sizes.

Crochet sweater pattern

Finally, the Knit-Look Crochet Can Cozy is one that can be made using up just one skein of yarn. This cutie comes in handy as a last-minute crochet gift for men. You would not be disappointed.

Yarn – Made from cotton, in #4 worsted weight.

Designer @Madebygootie

I hope you have gotten some beautiful ideas that you can make as crochet gifts for men?

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