Easy crochet snood pattern

Wednesday Inspired crochet snood free pattern

Crochet snoods are very popular this year, so I designed this super quick and easy snood for you all! Since crochet and movie go together beautifully, this project is perfect as it repeats a basic round!

Meet the Wednesday-inspired crochet snood pattern.

Crochet snoods are a fun way to keep warm in the cold season. I love that crochet snoods provide great coverage around the head and the neck.

Crochet snood Inspiration

A few months ago, the popular Netflix series – Wednesday was aired, and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters in the movie, with Wednesday’s Addams being my favorite. Her roommate Enid Sinclair gave her a crochet snood in black, and she has another in a bright pink and white color.

The truth is, I only watch the movie following the recommendation by other crafters after so much talk of lots of crochet and knitted projects as part of the customs.

I decided to design my own version of the snood, a mid-way between Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair’s snood. The outcome, I love it and have worn it almost every day. Have you seen the movie? Who is your favorite?

If you are wondering why black-colored crochet snood, the answer is in the series! Wednesday’s snood was black!

Since you love this crochet snood, you should also have a look at the other free crochet snood here on the blog.

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Supplies to make Wednesday-inspired crochet snood

Yarn – This crochet snood is designed to be a very quick project. Think of making one at a sitting or over a day. Also, the Wednesday-inspired crochet snood is meant to be warm. To achieve all these, you would need a chunky yarn.

The prototype was made using two strands of #4, a worsted weight yarn; this is equivalent to a chunky weight yarn

Brava Worsted, 100% Acrylic, 186 yards per 100g Skein

I held 2 strands of worsted-weight yarn together throughout. 

Sample made in Black with tassels made using both black and white.

Suggested yarn substitutes for your Enid-inspired crochet snood include

Red Heart Super Saver solid

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick

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Estimated Yardage for your Crochet Snood

540 yards 


10  mm Crochet Hook


9 sts over 6  Rows = 4” across, made using hdc, before blocking.

Gauge is not critical for this project. 

Wednesday crochet snood crochet pattern notes

  1. Please kindly read through the pattern before starting.
  2. Two strands of any worsted weight yarn or any #5 yarn can be substituted.
  3. Beginning chains do not count as a stitch throughout the pattern.
  4. You can use single or multiple colors for yours.

Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Terms – US Terminology

Stitches Abbreviations

Chain/chains – ch/chs

Half double crochet – hdc

Slip Stitch – sl st    

Special Stitch used for the amazing texture in this Enid Inspired crochet snood pattern.

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How to crochet the Crossed half double crochet (xhdc)

The first row of xhdc = *Skip next st, hdc in next st, crocheting over the hdc just made into the skipped st, yarn over hook, insert hook into skipped stitch, yarn over, (3 loops on the hook), pull through the loops

The first xhdc made.

Rep from * to the end of the round

Subsequent rows of xhdc =

 *Skip the first leg of xhdc, hdc in the second leg of xhdc, crocheting over the hdc just made into the first leg of xhdc, insert hook into skipped stitch, yarn over, (3 loops on the hook), pull through the loops

Rep from * to the end

Crochet Snood Finished Measurement

40” by 18”

Instruction for the crochet snood pattern

Chain  90. Join with a sl st with the first chain.

Round 1: Ch 2 (do not count as a stitch here and throughout), hdc in each ch around, join with a sl st to the beginning ch. 90 hdc

Round 2: Ch 2, xhdc around, join with a sl st to the beginning ch. 45 xhdc

Rounds 3 – 23: Repeat Row 2

Continue the repeats for a longer version.

Round 24: Ch 2, hdc in each st around, join with a sl st to the beginning ch. 90 hdc

Fasten off

Making Tassels for your Wednesday-inspired crochet snood pattern

Supplies needed for the tassels

Yarn in Black and White (or in any desired color(s))


Solid material – Can be a book

Tape measure

Finished measurement – 4”

The length of the solid material you intend to use would determine the length of your yarn.

Step 1 – Keep the yarn at the upper part as this would be used to secure the tassel to your snood later.

Step 2 – Trim off excess yarn, with the aim to have an equal length of loops.

Step 3 – Knot – With another strand of yarn (should be 3 times longer than your tassel length), measure 1” away from the tip of your tassel.

Step 4 – Wrap the yarn multiple times around this point and secure it firmly.

Step 5 – Repeat the process for more tassels.

To attach your Tassels to your snood
  • Using any of the sts from the last round, with your hook and the strand of yarn hanging at the tip of your tassel, using a slip stitch, secure the tassel firmly to the snood.
  • Count 9 sts away from the previous tassel, and secure another tassel.
  • Repeat until you have attached your tassels around the last round of your snood.

FAQ about Crochet Snoods

What type of yarn is best for a crochet snood?

The intended use for the crochet snood will greatly determine the yarn needle. it’s often best to use a yarn like cotton or a cotton blend so that it’s breathable and holds its shape. For warmth, you can opt for bulkier yarns like wool or acrylic for neck snoods.

How do I adjust the size of my snood?

To adjust the size, you can change the number of initial foundation chains (for width) or the number of pattern rows (for length). Always refer to the pattern’s gauge and make a swatch to ensure correct sizing.

How do I wear a crochet snood for my hair?

Gather your hair into a bun or ponytail, then cover it with the snood. Many snoods have a ribbon or drawstring to help secure them around the base of the bun or ponytail.

How do I care for my crochet snood?

Care instructions largely depend on the yarn used. Hand washing crocheted items in cold water with a gentle detergent is always a good practice, then laying them flat to dry.

How long does it take to crochet a snood?

The time can vary based on the pattern’s complexity, the type of yarn, hook size, and one’s crochet speed. A simple snood can be completed in a few hours, while more intricate patterns may take longer. I made my version of this hood in about 2 hours!

Can I use a different stitch than what’s recommended in the pattern?

Yes, but it might change the finished snood’s look, feel, and size. If you’re experimenting, always make a gauge swatch to see how the stitch looks and how it affects the size.

Do I need any additional accessories or materials for a snood?

Adding a few tassels to your crochet snood makes it more fancy. Other people might also add decorative elements like beads. These are not most, just what can be added.

I would love to see your beautiful Wednesday-inspired crochet snoods made from this easy crochet snood pattern.

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