Ultimate Lists of Free Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns

23 Crochet wall hanging patterns to brighten up your space

It’s exciting to share with you some of the best crochet wall decors with you. Bringing out the fiber artist in you to anyone visiting you in your space. Home decors made out of yarn surely add a crafty look and feel to any space they are placed.

Crochet wall hanging patterns

Crochet wall hangings come in various shapes and sizes. These can be seasonal in terms of the designs and the color combinations used.

This post is aimed at showing you the BEST crochet wall hangings that can be made by different levels of crocheters. As such, I have gathered 21 free crochet wall hanging patterns with 2 additional paid ones. If you have been looking for some fun ways to spice up your room, then this post is for you.

How to crochet a wall hanger

To crochet a wall hanger, you need yarn in your selected weight and a matching crochet hook. Accessories like dowels, sticks or even a hoop can be used in stabilizing your wall hangings. These wall hangings can be made in different shapes and sizes. Different methods can be used in making wall hangings, ranging from crochet, weaving, and macrame.

Sometimes, these crochet projects might not start out as wall hanging. Might be an unfinished blanket, a panel of crochet garment, or even an entirely different project.

Other names that have been used to describe crochet wall hangers include dreamcatcher, wall arts, and so on.

Materials needed when making a circular wall art


Hairpin loom

Metal rings – 6″, 8″, 10″ 12″

Dowel or sticks, these could be 1/4″ in diameter, varying in length 8-20″ wide, depending on how long you want them.

Alternatives to Dowels – Sticks can be used as an alternative to dowels.

Other items that can be used to replace dowels or sticks is the smooth part of the wooden hangers.

Yarn ideas for crochet wall arts

The beautiful thing about wall hangings is that you can make them with any weight of yarn.

The yarn ideas range from threads to fingering weight yarn, double knit, and worsted weight yarn. Crochet wall hangings can also be made using bulky weight yarns. Bulky yarns would also make beautiful macrame wall hangings which would be discussed later.

Boho crochet wall arts

Crochet wall hanging patterns with added fringes or beautiful tassels in the completed wall arts makes them even more attractive. Making tassels and fringes seem to be another craft that can be mastered after a few practices. Fringes can be made into either a single or double-layered. Upon completion, a gentle blocking straightens the fringes or tassels out.

Ultimate lists of beautiful crochet wall hanging patterns

This list contains varying amounts of crochet wall hanging patterns with different levels of difficulty. This collection ranges from crochet mandala and boho wall hangings to beautiful tapestry and fair isle crochet wall hangings.

  1. Crochet Dreamcatcher free pattern

This beautiful pattern is one that would teach you different techniques and crochet stitches, from making the hairpin crochet lace to crocheting around the Hairpin Crochet Loom. This dreamcatcher can be made without the fringes and in colors of your choice.

Yarn – Sport weight yarn, finished measurement =  8″ (20 cm).

Designer – Raffamusadesigns

crochet wall hanger pattern

2. Aura crochet wall hanging – The shape in this makes it a must-make wall decor. I love that it can be made in colors of your choice.

Yarn – Worsted weight yarn, finished measurement =14 inches in diameter.

Designer – Theloopholefox

3. Crochet Mandala Wall Decor – There are 2 different sizes to this beautiful mandala crochet wall hanging. The beautiful lace details in this make it so striking and beautiful. If you love eye-cathing crochet lace, then this Mandela is perfect for you. The good thing is, that this works up pretty quickly.

Yarn – Size 10 Crochet thread, or other lace-weight yarn.

Finished measurement = 12″ for the smaller one and 23″ for the larger one.

Designer – Desertblossomcrafts

4. Floral wall hanger This beautiful crafty wall hanging has a combination of texture and boho vibes. This wall art has matching earrings and a rug that you should also check out.

Yarn – Any worsted weight

Finished Measurement – 10″ excluding the fringes.

Designer – Acraftyconcept

5. Crochet Dream Catcher the daydreamer Wall Hanging – This dream catcher is a perfect stash buster and can be made using scraps. I love the different stitches used in this one.

Materials used for this wall hanging include

Scrap fabrics

Yarn – worsted weight yarn.

12″ embroidery hoop

4″ hoop

Finished measurement –

designer – Thispixiecreates

Crochet wall hanging pattern

6. Daisy crochet wall hanging a free pattern here on my blog is a tapestry crochet wall hanging made in varying colors that would lighten up any room.

Yarn – Sport weight yarn in colors of your choice, the prototype was made using eight different colors.

Designer – Esraaiyad Designs

Crochet Wall Hanging

7. Winter star wall hanging – This beautiful seasonal crochet pattern doubles as a wall hanging and a door hanging and would make a beautiful addition to Christmas decorations. Beautiful snowflakes in varying colors would be a perfect decor.

Yarn – Double knit yarn

Finished measurement – 14.5 cm across.

Designer – Bluestarcrochet

Crochet star wall hanging Pattern.

8. Simple fringed wall hanging – This wall art is true to its name. Simple and perfect for beginners. You really do not need to buy any other accessories in order to make this one. You can simply use a stick in place of a dowel.

Finished Measurement – 6.5 x 11 inches

Yarn – Any Worsted weight yarn in colors of your choice.

Designer – Youshouldcraft

10. This easy crochet wall hanging is unique in so many ways. It has an amazing texture and the shape is such a beauty.

Yarn – Any worsted weight yarn

Finished measurement – 15.5″ by 15″

Designer – Thispixiecreates

11. The modern crochet wall hanging is one that uses simple stitches – single crochet and bobbles. This would be so beautiful with a pop of colors when the bobbles are made in a different color.

Finished measurement – 9″ x 21″ including the fringes

Yarn – Worsted weight

Designer – Stitching Together

12. Seaside Lace Crochet Wall Hanging – This uses a combination of lace, a rustic stick, and some added fringes.

Yarn – Double Knit

Finished measurement – This beauty comes in two different sizes. Small and medium. The small size is 8.5” wide and 11” tall while the bigger one is 10.5” wide and 13” tall.

Designer – Desertblossomcrafts

13. Boho Wall Hanging – This is another beauty by Rachel, she designs beautiful wall hangings in various sizes.

Yarn – Worsted weight

Finished Measurement – 8.5” wide by 12” long 

Designer – Desertblossomcrafts

14. Monstera Leaf Tapestry wall hanging – This is a cute one perfect for anyone who loves tapestry crochet and nature. This free crochet wall hanging pattern has a detailed stitch graph to help you navigate your way around making one. The details make this a project for both the visual crocheter and anyone who prefers written instructions.

For this project, the yarn called for is any worsted weight yarn. With the finished measurement being approximately 8” x 9” without adding the fringe.

Designer – Juniperandoakes

15. Another beautiful wall art pattern by the same designer is this simple granny square wall hanging pattern. Yes, this wall hanging uses the old granny square method which makes it a beginner-friendly crochet pattern.

16. Georgia Tapestry Wall Hanging Pattern – This texture-rich wall hanging is a masterpiece with different techniques included. Designed with a worsted weight yarn and you would also need a wooden dowel (12″ long x 3/16 ” in diameter). The finished measurement – 10″ x 16″
(excluding dowel and hanging cord).

Designer – Juniperandoakes

17. Yet another beautiful wall hanger by the same designer is the Harlow hanger. This classic pattern uses the basic crochet stitches in a fun way. If you can crochet the single crochet and use the post stitches, then this pattern is for you. Made in 3 different colors, the shapes created interlocking with each other making it even more appealing. The added fringes make this even more beautiful. You would need any worsted weight yarn and a wooden dowel or stick (12“ long x ⅛” in diameter) Designer – Juniperandoakes

18. How perfect is this Tapestry crochet diamond wall hanging? The shapes in this art decor make it the perfect addition to any space. I love the stacking diamonds and the use of filet in this pattern. Designed in worsted weight and with an option to use either dowel or stick. The finished measurement is 20.5” in height and width of 11.5”

Designer – Yarncraftee

19. Kalena crochet wall hanging is a long design made using hand-dyed yarn which is a DK weight yarn. A wooden dowel is also recommended in order to hang this. The finished measurement is 6.5″ wide x 23″ length

More crochet wall arts to try out

Asymmetrical arrow Wall hanging pattern – This perfect pattern to try out the fair isle colorwork crochet technique.


1/4″ Dowel or Stick, 12-15″ wide

Geometric wall hanging

Finishing touches for your crochet wall hanging

Add fringes

Fringes add a perfect look to wall hangings. These can be made in varying lengths and in multiple or single colors.

You can steam your fringes for a perfect finished look. Steaming fringes straighten out the curls or any wrinkles in your yarn. As simple as this might sound, steaming adds a finished final look.

Tips to strengthen your Dowel for wall hangings

You can bake the sticks at 250*F for 45 minutes to prevent them from cracking or bending.

How to finish off a wall hangings

Skimming through the numerous crochet wall hangings above, your eye might have caught a few projects you want to make. For a perfect crochet wall hanging, a good finish makes a huge difference.

Things you need to decide when making your own version of the wall decor include the following

Adding or omitting fringes or tassels

Adding or omitting dowel, sticks

Using one or multiple colors

I hope you have found one or more crochet wall hangings from this roundup post? I would love to see your beautiful makes from these. More roundups to check out include the perfect crochet gifts for men



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