Tea Towel Topper Crochet Free Pattern

Tea Towel Topper Crochet Pattern

I am excited to share a fun and easy tea towel topper crochet free pattern with you! A fun way to decorate for spring! You can never have too many tea towel toppers!

The tea towel topper pattern is also perfect for last minute crochet gift and can be made with scrap yarns!

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What supply is needed for A Tea Towel Topper Crochet Pattern

Yarn – Any DK (3) weight yarn can be substituted for this easy Tea Towel Topper Crochet Free Pattern.

Paintbox Simply DK, #3 lightweight (100% Acrylic 302 yards/276 m per 3.5 oz/100g skein)

Estimated Yardage

White = 30 yards

Green = 10 yards

Pink = 10 yards

Hook and other materials

  • 4.5 mm Crochet Hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Elastic Hair tie (3” in diameter)
  • Button – 1 X 2.5cm


Gauge isn’t important to this project.

Tea Towel Topper Crochet Pattern notes

  1. Please kindly read through the pattern before starting.
  2. Similar #3 weight yarn can be substituted; please check the gauge.

Adjustments/fittings of this easy Tea Towel Topper Crochet Free Pattern:

Length: increase or decrease the repeats of the towel topper.

Skill level – Easy

Terms – US Terminology

Stitch Abbreviations

Chain(s) – ch(s)

Single Crochet – sc

Half double crochet – hdc

Double crochet – dc

Treble crochet – tr

Crossed double crochet – xdc

Repeat – rep

Special Stitch Used in this towel topper

Crossed double crochet (xdc) – *skip next st, dc in next st, crocheting over the dc just made, work dc into the skipped st, rep from * to the end.

Tea Towel Topper Finished Measurement 

7” by 3”
This tea towel topper can be customized in length.

How to make the Tea Towel Topper Crochet Pattern

Section 1: Towel  Holder

Round 1: With white, join yarn to the hair band with asl st, ch 1, 50 sc evenly around the band, join with a sl st to beginning ch. 50 sc

Check this Video for how I joined the yarn to the band

Round 2: Ch 1, sc in each st across, join with a sl st to beginning ch. 50 sc

Working in Rows from here.

Row 3: Ch 3 (counts as dc from here), *skip next st, dc in next st, dc in the skipped st, rep from * 6 more times, dc in next st, turn. 7 xdc, 2 dc

Rows 4 – 20: Repeat Row 3


Crocheting around the whole panel

Round 1: Ch 1, sc evenly in each st/edge across the whole panel. Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

Section 2: Rose

With B, chain 65

Row 1: Dc in 5th ch from hook, *ch 2, skip next 2 chs, dc in next st, rep from* to last ch, dc in last ch, turn. 22 dc, 20 ch sp

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as a st), 4 dc in first ch sp, *ch 4, sc in next st, ch 4, 5 dc in next ch sp, rep from * until the last 12 ch sps, ch 4, sc in next st, fasten off B, join A with a sl st to the same ch sp where you placed the last sc, **ch 2, skip next ch sp, sc in next st, ch 5, sc in same st, ch 2, skip next ch sp, sc in next st, rep from ** to end, turn. 6 ch-5 sps, 21 sc, 25 dc

Row 3: With B, ch 1, sc in first ch sp, *(5 dc, ch 3, 5 dc) in ch 5 sp, skip next ch 2 sp, sc in next ch 2 sp, rep from * until last ch 5 sp, (5 dc, ch 3, 5 dc) in ch 5 sp, sl st to the next ch 2 sp.

Fasten off.

To assemble the flower

  1. Start from the ruffled end.
  2. Roll circularly and gradually expand the circle until you have completed the whole piece.
  3. With a darning needle, secure the petals of the rose firmly.

Flower to the towel holder

  • Sew the flower to the lower end of the towel topper.


  • On the other side is the towel topper, the opposite of the flower.
  • Sew button on 2nd xdc row of Row 4.
  • Use the corresponding ch space on the lower side of the panel as the buttonhole. 

How to use your towel holder

  • The ring is for holding your towels.
  • The button holds this to the handle on your Oven or cupboards.

Pass the lower end of the towel holder through the towel rack, with the flower facing away from you.

Fold the lower end over the rack and button up.

When you make your version of this easy project Tea Towel Topper Crochet Pattern, do share your version with me!

Download the Print Friendly Version On Ravelry

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