30+ Purr-fect Crochet Cat Toy Patterns

30+ Purr-fect Crochet Cat Toy Patterns

It’s time for another easy project for my amazing cat lovers: a collection of amazing Crochet Cat Toy Patterns! The adorable crochet cat toys will make great gifts for your furry friend as they work well and are a quick project. Have a look at the crochet cats’ fun hats here.

Best yarns for crochet cat toys

The best cat toy yarns must be sturdy, washable, and non-toxic. Acrylic and cotton yarns are great choices as they are durable and easily cleaned.

I found using cotton yarn for toys generally makes the best projects as they are durable and easy to wash. 

Also, cotton yarns are mostly available in multiple colors that catch the cat’s attention, especially the little kittens!

Skill level required to make Crochet Cat Toy Patterns – Most of the crochet cat pattern(s) included in this round-up are beginner-easy crochet patterns. This means that even if you have never made cat toys, there is a pattern for your next new toys!

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How to crochet cat toys

Crocheting cat toys can be fun as you can decide the shape and size for a perfect toy for your cats. Whether you are following a written pattern or using your unique idea based on either a basic ball or mini donuts, make sure to keep it simple. Crochet cat toys are generally a quick project as they are handy and do not require a long time. 

Materials Needed for Crochet Cat Toy Patterns

  • Yarn: Choose a durable and washable yarn, like cotton or acrylic.
  • Crochet Hook: The hook size will depend on the yarn weight and the pattern. Generally, I advise going down one or 2 hook sizes recommended by the yarn weight. This is to hide the polyfill and make the toys safe for our feline friend.
  • Stuffing: Polyester fiberfill or cotton or wool is commonly used for amigurumi. You can also opt to stuff with scrap yarns. For added fun, include some catnip.
  • Yarn Needle: For weaving in ends.
  • Scissors, stitch marker

Crochet stitches needed: You should have a good idea of the following stitches in order to make a beautiful cat toy.

Slip stitch(es) – sl st 

Single crochet – Sc

Half double crochet – hdc 

Easy Crochet Cat Toys Ideas

Written by Kami Jones and edited by Susanna Biaye.

How do I ensure the toys are safe for cats?

 Avoid loose or small parts that can be swallowed. The best option is to slip using buttons, safety eyes, or beads. Ensure all parts are securely attached, and use tight stitches to prevent claws from getting caught.

Can I use catnip in my crochet cat toys?

Catnip can be a great addition. Mix it into the stuffing or use a catnip pouch inside the toy. 

What stuffing material should I use?

Polyester fiberfill is a common choice as it’s safe and washable. Alternatively, you can stuff it with stockings or yarn scraps, especially if adding catnip. The only thing is that you must secure any stuffing added.

How do I wash crochet cat toys?

Hand wash or machine wash in a gentle cycle using mild detergent. Air dry the toys to maintain their shape.

How can I make the toys more appealing to cats?

Apart from catnip, you can use varying textures, add crinkle material (like clean candy wrappers) inside toys for sound, or attach feathers for added interest.

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Hi, I am Susanna, the designer behind Fosbas Designs. I love yarn and crochet (obviously, that is why I have a blog to share all my beautiful crochet projects). These designs are aimed at bringing out the crocheter in you.

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