Best Crochet garments and accessories for the whole year

Yay, I am so excited to make a wardrobe filled with crochet garments and accessories. Is anyone ready to join in the fun? Let’s fill up our wardrobe with the best crochet garments and accessories for the whole year!

This post would be updated quarterly, in order not to overwhelm you. The first compilation includes the very best crochet garments and accessories for your wardrobe. These projects are seasonally appropriate also.

To spice this up, I have teamed up with other crochet designers to share their best crochet garments and accessories for the whole year.

Each quarter in this year, there would be a new set of amazing, season appropriate crochet garments and accessories updated on this page!

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Best Crochet garments and accessories for the whole year – Spring Edition

Between April 10th and 19th, there would be 15 brand-new crochet garments and accessories for you!

The edition consists of crochet projects specially picked out for you by the designers. 

The pattern includes

1. Crochet Garments.

2. Accessories – Scarves/shawls, Headwarmers, bags.

3. Babies are not left out! Make the amazing dress for a baby girl as a gift

The diverse range of patterns makes these perfect garments and accessories for your wardrobe. These are appropriate to keep you warm this spring!!! 

Want to grab the whole 15 crochet patterns right away? Get the patterns here!

How this event works

All the patterns in this event are free to view on the designer’s page and would remain free! Each day, one or two new patterns would be added to this post! Their would-be coupon codes to get the print-friendly version for 24 hours only.

The coupon code can be used on either Ravelry, Etsy, or the Designer’s site. Be on the lookout for the images below in the designer’s blog.

Crochet handmade spring edition

April 10th (Day 1)

There are two patterns to open this event!

Pattern 1: Welsh Poncho – This lightweight poncho will be as beautiful as an accessory to any outfit. The crochet pattern has 4 sizes to choose from.

Designer – Jo’s Crafty Hook. Follow her on Instagram

Get the free pattern here

Pattern 2: Balanced Rock Hat – Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Beautiful! After leaving the park, I stopped by a local yarn shop and found this gorgeous yarn named after the Balanced Rock formation, and I knew that I couldn’t pass it up! This hat design has an extended ribbing, so it can be worn as a slouchy hat or with a folded brim to wear as a beanie. The stitch pattern is designed to resemble the Balanced Rock, the most popular formation in the Garden of the Gods.

Designer – My Finger’s Fly. Follow her on Instagram

Get the free pattern here

April 11th – Day 2

Pattern – XO crochet sweater – A perfect sweater for a beginner. Comes in 9 different sizes and can be completed in time for spring!

Get the free pattern here

April 12th (Day 3)

Airy Tunic – This very simple tunic top is perfect for layering over anything from a tank top and leggings to a swimsuit. Changing hook sizes is a terrific way to work shaping into a complicated stitch pattern so you don’t have to fiddle with too much increasing or decreasing in the pattern.

Designer – Hooked for Life. Follow the designer on Instagram

Get the Airy Tunic free pattern here

April 13th (Day 4)

Dahlia Cardigan – A simple and easy lace crochet cardigan that every woman needs for their spring and summer wardrobe.

Designer – Pam’s Cozy Corner. Follow the designer on Instagram

Get the free pattern here

April 14th (Day 5) – There are two patterns featured today!

Pattern 1: Bella Shorts – The perfect summer shorts with a lacy detail, to layer over your bikini or swimwear

Designer – Cosy Rosie UK, follow the design on Instagram

Get Bella short free pattern here

Now, to the next pattern for the day!!!

Pattern 2: Lorelai Wrap – Step into summer with an easy-to-make wrap featuring the crossed double crochet.

Designer – Me n My Hook, follow the designer on Instagram

Get the Pattern details here

Get all 15 patterns included in this event at once!

April 15th (Day 6)

There are also two patterns for today!

Pattern 1: Clutch – Quick and easy clutch is perfect for nights out or everyday use. It has plenty of room for your keys, phone, and some extras.

Designer – Pont_neuf_studio, Follow the designer on Instagram

Get the clutch pattern here

Pattern 2: The lacy summer top – This lacy crochet top makes use of an easy combination of stitches, single crochet, and double crochet stitches, they are all basic crochet stitches. The PDF pattern gives instructions for 5 different sizing options and there is also a video tutorial for visual learners.

Designer – Toyslabcreations, follow the designer on Instagram

Get the free pattern for this summer top here

April 16th (Day 7th)

Friendship Prayer Shawl – The Friendship Prayer shawl is so fun to make, and works up fairly quickly thanks to easy repeats!

Designer – Straighthookedus, follow her on Instagram

Code = Friendship50 Valid until the 30th of the month.

Get the free pattern here

April 17th (Day 8)

There are two patterns today!

Pattern 1: Pocket Shawl – Soft and cozy, like your favorite pair of jeans, the Denim Dreams Pocket Shawl Crochet Pattern uses Lion Brand Jeans yarn and a size H (5.0 mm) hook. This yarn provides a lovely drape, and the lemon peel stitch is so easy!

Designer – My Finger’s Fly. Follow her on Instagram

Get the pocket shawl pattern here

Pattern 2: Lillian baby dress – Make a cute dress for your little one(s). The pattern comes in 5 different sizes and is super easy to customize.

Designer – Fosbas Designs (Myself)

Get the free pattern here

April 18th (Day 9)

Happy Hippy Cardigan – A fun oversized cardigan that works up quickly using worsted-weight yarn.

Designer – Carrowaycrochet, Follow the designer on Instagram

Get the pattern here

April 19th (Day 10)

To end this event, there are two patterns for today!

Pattern 1 = Hippie Chic Headband – This easy crochet headband pattern starts with simple granny squares. Crocheted ties allow you to adjust the fit.

Designer – Ucrafter, follow the designer on Instagram

Get the pattern here

Pattern 2 = Easy Breezy keyhole scarf – Keep your scarf in place with the keyhole! Comes in 4 different sizes and works quickly.

Use code – “Keyhole” at checkout for 50% off.

Easy Breezy Keyhole Scarf free pattern

Crochet handmade wardrobe event details

The first quarter (January) had so many fun crochet garments and accessories and was the winter edition. There would be Summer and Fall editions, make sure not to miss those.

Amazing crochet garments and accessories for the whole year

Part 1 – Winter Crochet garments and accessories

Iris Cocoon Shrug – The Iris Cocoon Shrug features an easy modern granny square pattern while using the beautiful Iris stitch!

Designer – Made by Gootie

Irish cocoon-free pattern

Benita One-Skein Shawl – This one-skein shawl is the perfect accent to your wardrobe. Use a self-striping yarn to make colorwork easy. This rectangular shawl can also be worn as a scarf in transitional weather.

Get the free shawl pattern here

Tweed Men’s Scarf – This stylish and practical Tweed Scarf is the perfect addition to any outfit. Made with worsted weight yarn, this scarf is soft, warm and durable. Easy crochet pattern.

Designer – My Crochet Space

Get the free Tweed Men’s Scarf Pattern Here

Neve Headband – A headband makes a stylish alternative to a hat when you’re out and about on a cold winter’s day. The Neve Headband provides just the right amount of protection against the cold. It features the alpine stitch, a simple combination of textured crochet stitches that create a beautiful wintry look and cozy warm fabric.

Get the pattern here

Classic Coffee Cardigan – The Classic Coffee Cardigan is fun to make and snags compliments everywhere you go. The bell sleeves add the perfect touch!

Designer – Straight Hooked

Get the cardigan here

Ribbed Double-Layered Ear Warmer – A free beginner-friendly double-layered ribbed crochet ear warmer headband that will leave you feeling warm and cozy during the cold winter months.

Designer – Pam’s Cozy Corner

Get the pattern here

Sleeves Shrug – Keep you arms warm with The Samantha Sleeves Shrug. It is made with double crochet stitches so it is a great beginner friendly garment pattern. It is versatile and from XS-5X.

Designer – Carroway Crochet.

Get the sleeves crochet free pattern here

Wednesday Inspired crochet snood – This fun project is one that works up pretty quickly with a simple repeat.

Designer- Fosabs Designs

Get the pattern details here

Angled Blocks Pullover – A fun top with granny lace!

Designer – Hooked for life

Angled Blocks Pullover free Pattern

The simple crochet mittens uses a combination of crochet stitches to make a cute textured crochet mitten. Comes in 4 different sizes!

Designer – Fosbas Designs

Get the pattern here

Colleen Bell sleeves Sweater Pattern – This is a classic for every wardrobe. Beautiful sleeve details with a combination of simple stitches.

Designer – Fosbas Designs

Colleen bell sleeve free pattern

Cascade Ear Warmer and Cowl – Bundle up with the Cascade Ear Warmer and Cowl as you hit the slopes, wade through rush hour or snuggle by a cozy fire.

Designer – Owensvillachick Designs

Cascade Ear Warmer and Cowl free pattern

Next update would include so many crochet amazing garments and accessories perfect for spring. Happening in April

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