50 Crochet Food Patterns: Perfect for Play and Decor

Crochet isn’t just for making scarves and blankets; it’s also a delightful way to create whimsical, playful food items that can add charm and color to various aspects of daily life. If you love amigurumi, then making play kitchens adds a touch of creativity to your home. The good part is that these are not complicated; they are just easy amigurumi pattern(s).

Popular Crochet Foods

Crochet food patterns cover a vast range of items, mirroring the diversity found in a real kitchen. Popular crochet foods include ice cream cones, slices of pizza, French fries, and even full fruit baskets.

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These items can be crafted in different colors and sizes, offering a great way to use up leftover yarn. For dessert lovers, crocheted cupcakes, doughnuts, and even intricate pies make for fun projects with deliciously decorative results. Savory food lovers aren’t left out, with patterns for things like adorable chicken nuggets, burger sets, and even sushi rolls.

What to use amigurumi food patterns for:

Crochet foods are great additions to children’s play kitchens, providing safe and durable items for imaginative play. They’re also popular as decorative pieces for homes and events, offering a unique way to celebrate food lovers or to add a playful touch to kitchen decor.

Crochet foods are commonly used as educational tools as well, helping children learn about food, colors, and counting in an interactive and enjoyable way. Moreover, these crocheted items are a hit at craft shows and can be sold as part of a crochet business or given as heartfelt handmade gifts.

Excited to share the fun collection of amazing crochet food patterns with you.

Amazing Crochet Foods

Free crochet food patterns

Carter the Carrot Amigurumi Pattern

Carter is a relatively quick and easy project that even beginners can do. You will need to know how to make a magic circle, how to do a single crochet, how to increase and decrease the single crochet, and how to do a single crochet in the back bump of your chain.

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Crochet Radish, Carrot and Pea Appliques

These crochet Radish, Carrot, and Pea appliques were designed after I spent a beautiful day in my garden planting different vegetables. Gardening is my other hobby, I love to grow my own food and during Spring and Summer I spend a lot of time in my backyard.

These crochet Radish, Carrot and Pea appliques will make a beautiful embellishment for your kitchen items (towels, potholders, placemats or napkins), you can use them to decorate your market bag or, you can make a crochet veggies garland.

Get The Free Pattern Here.

Crochet Cherry Applique

This crochet cherry applique and my heart cherry applique will make sweet embellishments for your summer items. These appliques will be especially cute on kid’s items. Use them to embellish sun hats, t-shirts, dresses, bags, blankets, and anything you can think about.

My crochet cherry appliques are made with crochet thread.  I used them for my Cherry Tree crochet wall art. Feel free to use any yarn that would work for your project.

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Pizza Heart Crochet Pattern – You Stole a Pizza My Heart

This crochet heart-shaped Pizza applique will make a nice small gift or can be used as a cute handmade clothes embellishment for those who can’t live without pepperoni pizza! It would be especially fun for kids, or perhaps the “kid” within any pizza loving adult!

You can use this heart-shaped Pizza applique for holidays, birthdays, any other occasion, or just without any occasion

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Easy Free Crochet Chocolate Covered Strawberries Pattern with Removable Shells

This is a free chocolate-covered strawberry crochet pattern to make small, medium, and large strawberries with removable chocolate shells. This is a great advanced beginner pattern using worsted WeCrochet cotton yarn.

But we all know strawberries come in different shapes and sizes. So this pattern is not only a 2-in-1 pattern but also a 3-in-1. So that makes it a 6-in-1 pattern collection, right? That means you’ll get 3 differently-sized strawberries and also chocolate shells

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Free Cupcake Pin Cushion Crochet Pattern

You can use any yarn type or weight you prefer, but it may affect your finished cupcake size. Use a hook size at least 1 size smaller than recommended, to keep stitches tight. This will give extra support for holding your pins in place.

You can make these as play food too. Of course, you’ll leave out your pins and just replace the weight pouch with more stuffing. You could also sew on little beads for the 100’s and 1000’s sprinkles effect.

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Egg Tart Amigurumi Food Crochet Pattern

This charming pattern guides you through the creation of a lifelike egg tart, complete with a flaky crust and creamy filling. Perfect for food-themed amigurumi collections or as a playful decoration for your home, this pattern is sure to spark joy and creativity. Crochet your way to culinary cuteness with our Egg Tart Amigurumi Food Crochet Pattern today!

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Hanami Dango Amigurumi Food Pattern

This pattern provides step-by-step instructions for crafting adorable miniature dango, capturing the essence of this traditional delicacy. Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or a beginner, you’ll enjoy bringing these sweet rice dumplings to life with their vibrant colors and charming design. 

Add a touch of Japan to your amigurumi collection and crochet your way to a delightful culinary adventure with our Hanami Dango Amigurumi Food Pattern!

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Jumbo Waffle Free Crochet Pattern

This jumbo waffle pattern is the perfect solution to a couch that just needs a little more personality. My favorite part of it is the tiny butter pat that adds the cutest touch!

This pattern uses the aptly named waffle stitch (how convenient!) to create its gorgeous texture on the front and back, and is connected with a few rounds of single crochet and some seaming.

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Pumpkin Pie Free Crochet Pattern

This super simple pumpkin pie pattern is worked entirely in the round (even the whipped cream portion!). This means that it’s a good beginner friendly pattern for those who are comfortable with working in the round, but want to try out a different type of construction from the usual amigurumi.

The crust is made with a round of shell stitches, but never fear — all you need to know for this type of stitch is how to double crochet!

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Bubble Tea Free Crochet Pattern

One of my favorite things about boba is that the straw is oversized to account for the large tapioca pearls and they always come in fun colors. I love picking my straw to match whatever my boba order happens to be that day!

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Jumbo Strawberry Free Velvet Crochet Pattern

Working with velvet might be a little intimidating for beginners, but using worsted weight velvet is probably the best first step if you’re used to cotton and acrylic. 

This is because velvet yarn isn’t fluffy enough that the stitches are completely obscured, and worsted weight velvet is still thin enough that it’s easier to handle than blanket yarns or larger chenille yarns.

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Pizza Slice Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

How about some Margherita is the queen of all pizzas? The pizza slices would make a perfect pretend food set.

This crochet pizza has been such a fun & quick project to make.

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Crochet Ice Pop Amigurumi

This colorful popsicle Amigurumi is the perfect crochet treat for a sunny afternoon! You can crochet a bunch for your kid’s play food set, or as backpack charms, keychain holders, and so much more.

You could even think about threading a few crocheted ice pops together into a garland and use it to decorate your home for the good season

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Crochet Cuisine: Carrots

The majority of this pattern is written in rounds. It will be helpful to place a stitch marker at the beginning stitch of the round and to move it up as you start each additional round.

At the end of each round, I will note in parenthesis how many stitches you should have once completed.

Get The Free Pattern Here

Cottage Garden Crochet Tomato

These super cute tomatoes are a beginner friendly design that work up quickly. The pattern includes the body of the tomato along two different tomato top options to vary up the tomatoes in your garden. 

Adding a cute little face can give you a third option if you wish for even more variety.

Get The Free Pattern Here.

Free Amigurumi Carrot Crochet Pattern

This free amigurumi carrot crochet pattern is a perfect for veggie lovers at Christmas or Easter. The plush has a cute little face and crochet carrot leaves for hair. 

It’s a great little make to promote healthy eating to children. The crochet carrot would look adorable paired up with the kids bunny onesie or kids apron for extra fun with their food toys.

Get The Free Pattern Here.

Crochet related food items

Not into amigurumi and still want to make projects that serves the functions apart from pretend play foods? Tehn the following projects are for you.

Crochet Turkey wall hanging pattern

Fun crochet thanksgiving wreath pattern free

Fun and easy project idea perfect fall decoration especially for thanksgiving.

Made using worsted weight yarn in colors of your choice.

Ge the full pattern here.

Turkey Kitchen Towel Pattern

Not only is this a creative way to dry your hands in the kitchen, it also make a cool decoration to your kitchen at thanksgiving.

Free pattern here.

Thanksgiving Turkey Beanie

Turkey Crochet Hat Pattern Free

Cute and easy beanie with an option to make thisinto a bonnet with Turkey details.

Free pattern in multiple sizes.

Crochet Waffle Vest Pattern

crochet vest pattern

Fun and creative use of the waffle crochet stitch. A cute vest for the little ones in multiple sizes.

Free pattern here.

FAQs about Crochet Food Patterns

  1. Where can I find free crochet food patterns?
    • Many crochet blogs, crafting websites, and platforms like Etsy and Ravelry offer a wide range of free and paid crochet food patterns. These patterns often come with detailed instructions and photos to guide beginner crocheters.
  2. Are crochet food patterns suitable for beginners?
    • Yes! Many crochet food patterns are designed with beginners in mind. They often involve simple shapes and basic stitches, making them a great introduction to the craft of amigurumi.
  3. Can I sell the food items I crochet?
    • Absolutely, as long as the pattern designer allows it. Some designers offer patterns for personal use only, while others permit items made from their patterns to be sold. Always check the usage rights associated with a pattern.
  4. What materials do I need for crochet foods?
    • Typically, you’ll need yarn, usually in cotton or acrylic for durability and washability, a suitable crochet hook, stuffing material, and sometimes safety eyes or embroidery floss for details.
  5. How can I ensure the items are safe for children?
    • When making crochet foods for young children, it’s important to avoid small parts and to ensure all components are securely attached. Using safety eyes instead of buttons, for instance, can help make the toys safer.

Crochet foods not only fulfill the creative urge but also bring joy and color into everyday life. Whether you’re crafting for a child, decorating your home, or stocking up for your next craft fair, crochet food items promise a fun and fulfilling crochet experience.

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